Stop Flooding Marine Communities With Toxic Waste

Target: Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida

Goal: Combat the danger toxic wastewater reservoirs and ponds pose to coastal communities and marine ecosystems.

Harmful red tide algae blooms and scores of dead fish could soon be coming to Florida’s coastline, thanks to an unfolding environmental and ecological crisis in Manatee County. A breach of a wastewater reservoir has consumed the attention of local officials and caused an emergency declaration and mass evacuations due to fears that the dangerous liquid could flood into nearby communities. At many points during the crisis, the leaking reservoir was on the brink of total collapse, which would unleash a wall of toxic water as tall as 20 feet high. In an attempt to avert this nightmare scenario, officials are instead endangering the long-term safety of marine ecosystems and coastal communities by pumping the water into Tampa Bay and, eventually, the Gulf of Mexico.

The water, brimming with damaging artificial substances, would pose an immediate danger to any marine lives that encounter it. The released waste would also serve as a high-intensity breeding ground for the organisms that create the algae booms that have previously upended Florida’s marine ecosystems for months. The Piney Point facility is far from the only such risk in the state, however. The number of these facilities producing similar harmful byproducts (and creating a similar threat of a catastrophic breach) number roughly two dozen.

Sign the petition below to demand hesitant leaders act without delay to implement long-term solutions that will ensure the security and integrity of Florida’s once-vibrant and majestic marine ecosystems.


Dear Governor DeSantis,

The Piney Point wastewater breach shines the spotlight on a long-festering problem that environmental activists have frequently forewarned. Each wastewater holding pond at the nearly two dozen facilities populating Florida is a disaster and emergency waiting to happen. Catastrophe may have been averted this time, but only by sheer luck. Even more toxic and public health-hazardous deluges of wastewater exist at this facility and at similar sites. The sole current solution will put Florida’s coastal ecosystems and communities in harm’s way for likely months to come.

Poisonous algae blooms and beaches full of dead fish instead of eager tourists do not have to be Florida’s future, but without the needed action these scenarios will surely come to pass. Please do everything in your power to spearhead needed changes. Create task forces of environmental experts and explore ideas such as the use of fly ash to prevent wastewater reservoir buildups.

At last, create a comprehensive plan of action that can protect this state’s beautiful coasts and all its inhabitants.


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Photo Credit: Jeff Schmaltz


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  1. Paula Morgan says:

    Many lawyers become scientists but few are even aware of science. Politicians are not educated in the field nor equipped to express their supposed management of age blooms. It’s a man made problem but there must be a way to bypass those who do not know the answers to those who have studied this area of speciality. Every politician says he will be do abetter than the person before him. All seem to end in disaster. Possibly its the rives ro money but this problem needs to be fixed. Florida seems to have more than the fair share of scary happenings such as algae blooms, toxic and poisoned water plus poor infrastructure, it all equals mismanagement

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