Stop Storing Toxic Waste Water In Reservoirs

Target: Michael S. Regan, President of the Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Stop allowing industries to dump large quantities of toxic waste into mismanaged storage reservoirs.

Many industries across the nation create copious amounts of wastewater runoff that is dumped in holding reservoirs. In the recent incident in Florida, over 300 homes plus businesses, a power plant, and a penitentiary were threatened when a holding tank started leaking. This should be a wake-up call to government officials that this is an unsustainable, unhealthy, and dangerous practice.

Not only were lives threatened, but the environmental risks are incalculable. This particular tank contains waste from local pesticide production among other liquid waste that would wreak havoc on the land and animals in a substantial area.

Sign this petition to urge the EPA to stop allowing this unacceptable practice and find a safer, more sustainable solution.


Dear Mr. Regan,

The current incident in Florida where a storage reservoir containing toxic wastewater started leaking should be a warning that this practice of storage is unacceptable. Numerous lives, businesses, properties, and essential services were threatened by this near disaster. While the issue was rectified before anything serious happened, the potential side effects of such an event would be devastating.

There are also environmental implications to consider. A leak from a storage facility such as this would pour waste from a local pesticide plant and other toxic waste onto the land. The results of this would have been extreme and long-lasting.

I urge you to stop industries from disposing of harmful waste in such a careless manner and to start looking into more sustainable and safer solutions.


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  1. Get rid of the toxic chemicals produced (insecticides, fertilizers, etc), factory farms, and other manufacturing wastes, and our world will be a better place. It’s time to rethink our agricultural and manufacturing systems to make them clean and sustainable.

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