Don’t Let Monarch Butterflies Vanish From Our Planet

Target: The Honorable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change

Goal: Save the monarch butterfly from extinction.

One of the best-known butterfly species in the world is the monarch. The monarch’s presence in Canada ranges from Alberta to Newfoundland, while it mainly breeds in southern Ontario and southern Quebec. A small population of monarchs also resides in southern British Columbia.

The monarch is a bioindicator, showing us changes in environmental conditions. As a pollinator, the monarch helps to transfer pollen from one flowering plant to another. The transfer of pollen fertilizes the plants so they can produce seeds and fruit. Countless crops and wildflowers would not exist without the aid of pollinators.

The population of these beautiful butterflies is rapidly declining due to numerous threats: disruptions to their migration caused by climate change, the use of pesticides and herbicides, the deforestation of their winter habitat in Mexico, and the loss of native plants along their migratory passages. It is thought that catastrophic weather events linked to climate change are likely to cause a decline in numbers, as well.

A dramatic decrease of monarchs has been observed in the wintering grounds near Mexico City, where the majority of them spend the cold months. The monarch is listed as a special concern under the Species at Risk Act in Canada and recommended to be enlisted as Endangered since 2016. As an essential part of our ecosystem, the monarch butterfly’s endangerment endangers us all.

WWF-Canada already implemented measures in some parts of Canada to protect and save the monarch butterfly. But this is not enough. Sign this petition to apply these measures in all regions in Canada that are inhabited by monarch butterflies, and list these precious beings as Endangered.


Dear Honorable Mr. Wilkinson,

The monarch butterfly is one of the most-known butterflies in the world. As pollinators, monarchs provide us with food that we ungratefully take while destroying their habitat.

Monarch butterflies face extinction because of countless threats like the use of pesticides and herbicides, extreme weather conditions, and habitat destruction. Although this butterfly species is endangered, Canada failed to acknowledge this fact by only listing it as special concern under the Species at Risk Act.

Some parts of Canada already offer protection for these beautiful beings, but more measures must be taken. All provinces in Canada that are home to monarch butterflies have to ensure the protection of these inspects and their habitat. Also, monarchs have to be listed as Endangered species.

As the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, I urge you to protect the monarch butterfly.


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Photo Credit: Lisa Brown

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  1. Gloria Navan says:

    Not only do these butterflies make our world more beautiful, they absolutely serve a purpose for our food supply. It is time we give something back to them.

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