End the Torture and Abuse of Circus Animals

Target: Armin Laschet, Party leader of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany

Goal: Protect animals from abuse and neglect for human entertainment in circuses.

Thousands of exotic animals, including tigers, elephants, and lions are used to entertain people in circuses. They are forced to perform difficult tricks and endanger themselves. Concerns about animal mistreatment and public safety caused numerous communities to ban or restrict the use of animals in circuses. In many countries including Germany, however, wild animals are still imprisoned.

All animals in the circus industry suffer terribly. They lead lives of melancholy, despair, and constant fear. In addition, they are deprived of physical and social needs, confined in small enclosures, and spend numerous hours traveling in tiny trailers. The animals often indicate their distress in their unnatural, abusive environment by rocking, swaying, and pacing.

No animal will naturally stand on its head, balance on pedestals, or jump through hoops, that is why they are often violently forced to perform these ludicrous acts. Some circus trainers were discovered to abuse the animals with whips, tight collars, electric prods, muzzles, and so-called “bullhooks.” Taking action against this horrific cruelty is difficult, because training sessions are not monitored, and the circus staff conceals the gruesome facts.

In one incident at Germany’s Circus Krone, two panic-stricken elephants ran into another elephant during a performance, with the one crashing into the audience. This ordeal left the elephants traumatize and one injured. This was no rare case. Hundreds of circuses are still traveling across Germany with thousands of wild animals with similar stories of dangerous incidents.

The veterinary community has already urged the European authorities to prohibit the use of wild mammals in touring circuses. It is time for Germany to act to prevent the physical and emotional abuse of wild animal. Sign this petition to ban wild animals in circuses in Germany.


Dear Mr. Laschet,

Rejecting a ban on wild animals in circuses is a shameful decision that leaves hundreds of animals suffering from horrendous abuse. Circus Krone alone imprisons more than two hundred animals, including elephants, lions, tigers, camels, monkeys, and rhinoceros. Their suffering is on your hands.

The public demand for cruelty-free circuses is increasing rapidly. Over the past decades, both through strict regulation as well as changing public opinion, animal acts in circuses have begun to be a thing of the past in most European countries. Yet, Germany is one of the few that still allows this cruel exploitation to continue.

It is the time for Germany to act. Initiate the ban of wild animals in circuses to rectify your previous mistake of refusing this cause.


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Photo Credit: DirkJan Ranzijn


  1. Paula Morgan says:

    This is animal abuse. To make a living over denying animals the right to live their lives seems cruel.

  2. Hilde Spaeth says:

    KINDNESS TO ALL LIVING BEINGS IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF INTELLIGENCE. It took me so many years to figure out what is wrong with the world! Now I know and more importantly I know how easy, healthy, free and delicious it is to fix problems like climate change, human and animal health including pandemics (James Cameron and his wife Suzy, Lewis Hamilton etc. know it too independently) climatehealers.org
    All of us who eat meat, dairy, eggs, and consume other animal products such as silk, leather, wool, cashmere, Lanolin, feather down etc… are directly paying for animal cruelty worse than anything imaginable… these animals are living in permanent hell before they have to endure a slow painful death to become our sandwich etc… If you love Animals don’t eat them! Check out Peta.org and search respectively about Dairy, Down, etc… you will see the sad truth of what happens to animals for our Food, etc. and it‘s exactly like that in 99,99% of all cases… Funny how everyone you talk to only eats fish, meat, cowsmilk, eggs, etc. from less than 1 in 10 Million cases… every day 8 Billion fish get killed in nets that are so big that they can hold 13 Jumbo Jets (747)! And over 80 Billion Land Animals per year… so we can eat them and their secretions (Dairy, Eggs)… and end up dying miserably of heart disease, cancers, dementia, autoimmune diseases, pandemics like the coronavirus, etc…
    Consume Cruelty… suffer Cruelty (and everything that comes from an animal is cruel).
    Do your research and google: Neal Barnard, Michael Greger, Melanie Joy, Philip Wollen, John Robbins, Dr. Will Tuttle, Brian Clement (Hippocrates Health Institute) and James Cameron vegan…
    As Paul Mc Cartney says: going vegan takes care of ecology, famine, animal and human cruelty in one shot…. google:
    Cowspiracy.com / forksoverknives.com / PlantBasedNews.org / nutritionfacts.org / PCRM.org / watch:
    Game Changers / What the Health / Dominion /Earthlings / Hope -what you eat matters-/Apocalypse Cow / Seaspiracy / Cowspiracy
    Eating only whole plant foods without any animal products is the key to Health and Happiness for all Beings and our planet Earth!

    • Carolyn Handley says:

      Yes yes yes. I went vegan 10 years ago. If humans were vegan we’d have just about no problems at all. Almost all bad things on this planet are linked to the abuse and exploitation of animals. So glad you cam on to say all this. It’s the absolute TRUTH. THANK YOU.

  3. Breaking ANY animal through high tethering, starvation, whipping, denying their natural habitat is abhorrent deliberate abuse for money. Close this wretched circus and RELINQUISH ALL ANIMALS to a reputable SANCTUARY NOW!!

  4. Tracy Lonsdale says:

    This is wrong on so many levels, why on earth would anyone want to see this it’s not entertainment it’s CRUELTY

    SLAVERY ABUSE MUST STOP NOW …When children see animals in a circus, they learn that animals exist for our amusement. Quite apart from the cruelty involved in training and confining these animals, the whole idea that we should enjoy the humiliating spectacle of an elephant or lion made to perform circus tricks shows a lack of respect for the animals as individuals”

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