Don’t Deprive Trans Kids of Critical Care

Target: Asa Hutchinson, Governor of Arkansas

Goal: Strike down proposal that would prohibit transgender youth from receiving gender-affirming care.

Transgender youth have become the latest targets of opportunistic politicians looking to cash in on culture wars instead of focusing on the very real problems plaguing America. Fresh off ratifying a bill that would take trans kids out of sports, the Arkansas state legislature has approved a measure that would deny potentially life-saving medical care to these children. If signed into law, this act would criminalize the medical prescription of puberty blockers and hormone therapies for anyone under 18, even when these treatments have the full support of pediatricians and parents. In other words, politicians who so often rage about government interference in private matters want to put the most personal healthcare decisions firmly in government hands. For the children most affected, the stakes could be much higher.

Research from major medical organizations has consistently shown that roughly half of trans youth have seriously considered or attempted suicide. The consistent political attacks—combined with the cut-off of treatments and therapies that could be a tremendous aid psychologically—will only drive these rates higher. As one affected youth affirmatively stated during remarks before the legislature, if this hateful bill becomes the dictate of Arkansas, “people will die.”

Sign the petition below to demand Arkansas leaders stop playing games with kids’ lives.


Dear Governor Hutchinson,

“It threatens the health and well-being of transgender youth, and…it puts politicians rather than pediatricians in charge of a child’s medical care.” The president of the American Academy of Pediatrics made these remarks in response to Arkansas’ proposed SAFE Act. For a leader who fully embraces his states’ rights mantra, the latter should trouble you. But the former point should make you sick to your stomach.

Governor, what will you tell the grieving family of the next transgender youth who commits suicide in your state because he or she no longer has access to the medical support so desperately needed? Will you tell them that out of all the incredibly urgent crises in Arkansas and across America, somehow their child and the medical decisions they made for their child were the biggest threats? Will you inform them that scoring a few political points was worth their child’s life?

Puberty blockers, which can be reversed, are not the problem. Kids wanting to be comfortable and secure in their own bodies are certainly not the problem. Politicians who think they know better than families and medical experts with decades of experience are most certainly the problem.

Please do not set a dangerous precedent. If you truly care about “saving” your state’s children, veto this shameful bill.


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Photo Credit: Ted Eytan


  1. Karen Redd says:

    WAY TO GO ASA OMG I AM “SO” PROUD OF YOU!!!!! This shows what a better state Arkansas is standing up to the sick BS things that wimpy worthless states do. Just like signing the bill not allowing “un” females in women’s sports- LIKE IT SHOULD BE EVERYWHERE. How freaking unfair that BS would be to women is sick, sad, unbelievable, and a bunch of freaking BS. Why don’t the gays just get their own sports program? Then they can fight against each other all they want. Let them compete against “real” men, instead of cruelly beating women out of their chance of competing– LET THEM COMPETE AGAINST THE MEN AND SEE HOW LONG THEY MAKE IT LOL.

  2. Ellie Ricci says:

    This is sick! I like most ForceChange petitions, but this one is going too far. Males, WHO ARE BIOLOGICALLY STRONGER than females, should not be allowed to compete with females professionally. Why aren’t female athletes transgendering to becoming male athletes? Because they KNOW they’ll lose. Why are you ruining female sports? Let transgenders, of whom I have many friends, compete with each other. Male and females are biologically not the same. I believe in trans rights, but this is going too far. Transgender men who identify as females will destroy and possibly KILL women in sports like boxing because FEMALES BONES ARE SMALLER, which means their SKULLS are also more vulnerable and therefore more easily crushed. Imagine being a female who has trained at top level throughout your whole life, and then losing to a man who barely had to train at all…It’s not right.

    Please stop projecting your trans beliefs onto children, who also identify as dinosaurs, goblins, and other things they don’t fully understand; This is ridiculous…Children are too young to be preoccupied with these things; Let them wait till they’re at least 21 to make solid decisions about sex reassignment surgery. Many people who get trans surgeries regret it, and once you do it, it’s very hard to undo. Please stop this destruction of children; The doctors who perform these surgeries on children should be in jail. You can be woke & pro-trans rights without being a complete moron.

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