Chihuahua Killed in Hellish Fire Chamber Deserves Justice

Target: Allister Adel, Maricopa County Attorney

Goal: Punish perpetrator responsible for burning dog to death with maximum felony charges.

A horrifying discovery was made near an elementary school filled with playing children. The disturbing crime scene included a wire enclosure so ravaged by fire that it had melted. Inside this death trap was a deceased, severely burned chihuahua.

The Arizona Humane Society said of the heartbreaking tragedy: “AHS assists law enforcement on more than 6,000 cases of suspected animal cruelty each year, and yet this case is one of the most horrifying in recent history.” An animal autopsy is being conducted on the victim and a reward offered for information, but so far the perpetrator of this horrendous act of cruelty remains unknown. Thanks to tougher state laws recently enacted, the eventual suspect could now face significant jail time.

Sign the petition below to urge prosecutors to stay vigilant and seek the maximum possible sentence when an involved party is apprehended.


Dear Ms. Adel,

An innocent dog lost his life in a horrific manner, just a short distance away from an elementary school. If a child had discovered the charred corpse of this animal (trapped in a melted cage), he or she could have been scarred permanently. The person or persons responsible for this atrocity should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Arizona recently took a harder line against cruel animal abusers. Please ensure this worst-of-the-worst offender, when apprehended. receives an in-kind punishment.


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  1. I live in the county next to where the
    tragic death occurred. 6000 cases of animal cruelty in AZ each year -good god how can people be so cruel and heartless? May they live in excruciating pain the rest of their miserable life.

    • jackie Pflucker says:

      And may them end up in hell for the rest of their miserable existence!

      • Torah Wolf says:

        I can’t even find the words because I think this is such a horrible horrible thing that somebody could do and this person or people that do things like this to animals or even people they’re sick in their head they’re not normal this is not normal and I don’t think that they have mental issues as they are just mentally deranged….and just know that God has a special place for these kind of people that’s why when they die they go to the bad side of heaven which is across the gulf of Abraham’s bosom. You can read about it in Ezra’s in the Apocrypha it tells you all about it what a horrible place that is and that’s where they go until they follow Satan into the lake of fire and are burned to ashes from within and guess what all of us who are with God in heaven we get to see it that’s why I can’t wait till Jesus comes back to bring peace and tranquility back to this earth I say come Jesus come!

  2. I can’t even imagine what kind of person could do such a thing to an innocent, helpless, trusting animal.
    We need the death penalty for people like this….anyone capable of this is a danger to every living being as long as they draw breath.

  3. Animal abusers globally must have the mandatory death penalty performed on them. A slow and agonising death for these evil cretins is essential!

  4. Paula Morgan says:

    Here we are once more. A horrific death by fire. A little dog whose crate was set ablaze. Who does such a thing? When caught this person needs not 4 years but four times that many years. I wonder how this person sleeps at night. Maybe in the next life this will be done to him. I am amazed how vile the human species can be.

  5. Agree all comments catch this cunt and burn them to death just the same way this poor animal did. Laws need to be the same as the crime.

  6. Fucking disgusting inbreeds!!!!! Find the evil monster and set it on fire!!!! These putrid Animal torturers and murderers deserve exactly the same Agonizing death.
    Poor defenseless Animals xxxxxxx

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