Crack Down on Pollution and Commit to Clean Energy

Target: Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China

Goal: Revise emissions goals and clean energy plans to reflect urgency of climate crisis.

The world’s two largest economies also top the list of Earth’s biggest polluters. China, the most populous country on the globe, ranks number one. The nation emits a mind-boggling 10 million-plus metric tons of carbon dioxide every year. Long before COVID-19, mask-wearing was the norm in capital city Beijing because heavy smog so often blankets (or chokes) the region, even blocking the sun for days or weeks.

Although China was supposed to take up the mantle in the fight against climate change, its lackadaisical commitment could not just spell urgent trouble for the millions of Chinese citizens estimated to die from pollution-related causes every year. Lack of dedication from this massive polluter could also further imperil the rest of the planet. China recently unveiled a five-year economic plan many expected to lay forth major benchmarks for clean energy production and net-zero emissions goals. Such information was almost entirely absent from the plan, however. In fact, much of the economy still remains reliant on environmentally toxic coal. Nations around the world have implored China to step away from its dependence on this fossil fuel and to up its emissions targets by five years. Such actions could put a serious (and life-saving) dent in toxic pollution globally.

Sign the petition below to urge this nation to honor the pledge it made to ensure a better world.


Dear President Xi,

China has emerged as a true global leader in many respects, but the mantle of “world’s biggest polluter” is not a title to hold in esteem.  This country promised to help shepherd the planet into a cleaner, safer future and solidified this commitment in the Paris Climate Accord. Unfortunately, these pledges appear to have been deprioritized at a time when they are more critical than ever before.

Please help show the world it does not need coal or other toxic fossil fuels to survive and thrive. Please honor the entreaties of conservationists to advance your peak emission goals from 2030 to 2025. Be ambitious, be bold, and help humanity avert the rapidly accelerating disaster it has set in motion.


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