Don’t Waste Money on Useless Government Positions

Target: Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta

Goal: Spend money on environmental action, instead of creating useless government positions.

The government of Alberta has recently created a job that directs thousands of dollars from useful environmental protection towards pointless committee work. The new job, an assistant deputy minister with the Environmental, Social, and Governance Secretatiat, will simply report to the premier what the province already does. It will not improve government performance nor help companies reach beneficial goals.

This job will divert $200,000 CAD a year from beneficial environmental work by creating a useless government position that simply is more talk than action.

Sign this petition to stop Alberta from throwing money at a pointless venture.


Dear Premier Kenny,

The new job opening that you have created is a complete waste of valuable finances. The assistant deputy minister with the Environmental, Social, and Governance Sectritariat is an unnecessary position that is simply wasting money that should be better spent on action that will actually help the environment.

The shocking salary of $200,000 CAD a year could enormously benefit environmental efforts. It will not improve performance in political or private organizations, instead it will simply report to you what the province is already doing. Many environmental experts are questioning the validity of such a job, and I urge you to reconsider wasting time and resources on this.


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  1. I am a former citizen of Canada and the province of Alberta. The job created sounds like a pay-off to someone. How in heaven’s name did this occur? And at that salary!!!

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