Stop Destroying Canada’s Forests for Profit

Target: The Honorable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change

Goal: Protect ancient forests from destruction.

Canada is famous for its boundless nature, clear lakes, and snow-capped mountains. However, these magnificent landscapes, including Canada’s most ancient forests, are threatened by destruction.

The temperate old-growth forests of British Columbia are some of the rarest ecosystems on the planet and are inhabited by indigenous people who use the animals and plants sustainably. Yet, across the province, more than ninety percent of the ancient trees are already gone.

Loggers cut everything down that comes in the way of their chainsaws, even trees that are more than one thousand years old. Logging destroys the habitats of numerous animals, including wolves, bears, and salmon. The marbled murrelet, a seabird that nests in old-growth forests, already faces possible imminent extinction.

Jens Wieting of Sierra Club BC states that, “When these ancient forests are cleared, they are gone forever.” Newly grown trees are felled after a few decades, which does not allow the biodiversity to recover.

The government of British Colombia promised in the year 2020 to implement the recommendations of an independent old-growth panel. But this plan has not yet been realized and the world is still waiting for the forests to be saved. And so, to the dismay of many, the logging business of old-growth forests continues.

These majestic trees must not be sacrificed for human profit. Sign this petition to put an end to the felling of giant trees and the last old-growth forests.


Dear Honorable Mr. Wilkinson,

Canada’s forest is in acute danger of destruction. Trees that are over one thousand years old are felled, animal habitats are lost, and the biodiversity is declining.

The ancient forests in British Columbia are some of the rarest ecosystems on earth and are inhabited by indigenous people who use them sustainably. These forests have been in their territories for thousands of years, yet you allow loggers to crush the essence of these groups’ cultures by destroying their land. Thousands of acres of trees are ruthlessly cut down every year, and more than ninety percent of all ancient trees have already vanished.

Although the government of British Columbia promised to protect the forests, the world is still waiting for this to be realized.

The BC government failed to save the sacred land. You must step up to rectify their error and implement measures to protect the forest of Canada. Ban logging in ancient forests now.


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Photo Credit: Miles Green

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