Stop Imprisoning Hamsters in Deadly Exercise Balls

Target: Liz White, leader of the Animal Protection Party of Canada

Goal: Protect pet hamsters from abuse through forced exercise.

Pet owners try to meet their beloved pets’ exercise needs and are viciously misled by information found on the Internet and in pet stores. Using so-called “exercise balls,” hundreds of hamsters and other small pets endure traumatic abuse and pain. Exercise balls come in various sizes and colors that never change their deadly properties.

While running in the ball, hamsters are confronted with numerous dangers; bumping into furniture puts the rodents at risk of severely injuring themselves or head trauma. Other animals might chase it, believing the trapped hamster to be a toy, and falling off staircases leads to a horrific death. The panic-stricken hamsters keep running until they are exhausted, waiting for their torture to end.

The hamster’s plastic surrounding does not offer a sufficient amount of oxygen, which stresses the animal. The stress, lack of oxygen, and the exhaustion of trying to free itself can lead to a slow and agonizing death. In many cases, the trapped animal is forced to run in its own feces.

Exercise balls are completely unnecessary and cause trauma and in severe cases death in the animal that is stuck inside one. There are many alternative ways to offer hamsters healthy and adequate exercise, like properly sized non-metal exercise wheels.

The torture of hamsters has to stop now. Sign this petition to initiate measures to prohibit exercise balls and give hamsters the free choice to exercise.


Dear Miss White,

Hamsters make cute pets and are adored by many. Trying to meet these rodents’ high exercise needs people to imprison their pet hamsters in plastic balls, that force hamster to endure horrible torture.

Trapped inside an exercise ball, hamsters try to find a way to escape and keep running in their own feces to find the nonexistent exit.

Exercise balls not only cause severe injuries, stress and trauma, but can even kill hamsters. Bumping into furniture, falling off staircases, and lack of oxygen make a hamster’s plastic toy a deadly trap.

Hamsters should not be forced to exercise and should be given a choice. As the leader of the Animal Protection Party of Canada, I plead with you to help these innocent animals. Please initiate steps to prohibit exercise balls in Canada once and for all.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Rick Kimpel

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  1. Ban, cruel and barbaric exercise balls. These vile things lead to death of poor defenceless animals. The manufacturers and store sellers need to be exterminated!

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