Stop Slaughtering Majestic Lions for Trophies

Target: Ms. Barbara Creecy, Minister of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries in South Africa

Goal: Protect lions from gruesome death through trophy hunting.

The lions in South Africa are in acute danger due to the destruction of their habitats and humans’ gruesome hunting activities. These majestic animals endure horrible torture in captivity and meet a gruesome end during a sport called “canned hunting.” Despite growing evidence and civil society pressure, the closure of this industry is in a faraway distance.

Canned lion hunting in South Africa is one of the cruelest trophy hunting practices that exist in modern days. It is estimated that over 7,000 lions are held in captivity at over two hundred breeding farms across South Africa, although the number might be much higher.

The lions are born in captivity and forcefully taken away from their mothers within only a few hours of birth. The defenseless cubs are then used in petting zoos for human profit. The matured lions are moved to caged compounds where they spend the rest of their lives waiting to be released in yet another enclosure for the so-called ‘canned’ hunt. Trapped in the compounds, these magnificent animals do not stand a chance against the brutality of mankind.

After slaughtering the lions, the hunter leaves with his “trophy,” and the remains of the animal are sold in the international bone and meat trade.

The trade of live lions, parts, and byproducts other than for rescue, or as part of an endangered species breeding program and regulated scientific research has to stop. We must fight for the safeguard of these animals. The South African authorities have to end the cruel keeping of lions for canned hunting, and the ghastly practice itself.

Sign this petition to ban canned hunting in South Africa.


Dear Miss Creecy,

Thousands of lions in South Africa are brutally slaughtered for human gain in a sport called “canned hunting.” This method entails the most horrific treatment of a living being. The animals are raised to be killed for entertainment, their parts are sold in the international bone and meat trade, all for human gain. South African lions are a vulnerable species, and this sport has a significant impact on the destruction of these majestic creatures. It is a great shame for a country to be associated with such cruelty.

The trade of live lions, parts, and byproducts other than for rescue, or as part of an endangered species breeding program and regulated scientific research must be prohibited. You must end the cruel keeping of these animals for canned hunting, and the ghastly practice itself. Save the precious lives of South African lions. Ban the hunt.


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Photo Credit: Mathias Appel


  1. Charleen Murphy says:

    Shoot & kill these disgusting evil vile murdering cretins!!! & Save these Beautiful big cats!!

  2. Charleen Murphy says:

    Yes that’s what they are, disgusting weak vile scum!! I hope they all die of the virus very soon& someone saves the lions & no more have to endure this& be killed!!! All the hunters need to be killed & die a slow painful death ☠️!!!!
    So many evil disgusting selfish stupid people in this world 🌍sadly

  3. It’s cruel evil and inhumane animals are sentient beings and like us they deserve love care and respect like we would want to be treated like us they deserve love care eat sleep drink cry feel touch grieve give birth fight love please let thier hearts beat for as long as you want yours to beat

  4. Yvette Herbst says:

    I am ashamed to be a South African. This practise is so cruel. All for money. Our givernment just looking away becauce they profit from it. This is heartless. Animals should be left alone to roam in the wild. Shame one everyone doing this to beautiful aninals.

  5. What the hell is wrong with these evil morons. I know they are just a lot of knuckle grazing thicko’s but to have the cheek to think they have done something good or clever just shows exactly what they are……mindless, evil morons. These amazing animals have more intellect, intelligence and feeling in one of the hairs on their body than theses truly disgusting excuses for `human beings`…..pathetic, weak, ignorant morons for sure. Karma will definitely be coming their way and there is NO escaping it.

  6. Kill all hunters!!!

  7. Stop the sadists; stop the killers; stop the arrogant sub-humans who believe they are entitled to murder other species for their pleasure. What the hell has become of the human race? These demonics are destroying the Earth and they are also destroying the human race.

  8. A fairly significant part of the human race is worthless filth, let’s face it. But they must be pursued and defeated.

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