Restore Public Confidence in the Police After Alleged Abuse of Power

Target: Shahin Mehdizadeh, Lethbridge Chief of Police

Goal: Restore the public confidence in the Lethbridge Police Service.

Over the last few months, the police service in the city of Lethbridge, Alberta has fallen in disrepute. Serious allegations have been made against several members of the force and have led to internal and external investigations. The provincial Justice Minister has issued an ultimatum, giving the force until April 16th to take corrective measures and restore the public confidence in the local police.

Two officers have been demoted and are under further investigation after seemingly using their position for personal and political gain by shamefully stalking and photographing a local Member of Parliament. Five other officers have been suspended with pay and are also under investigation.

Sign this petition to urge the chief of police to take this matter seriously and do what is necessary to uphold the honor of the police.


Dear Chief Mehdizadeh,

It is concerning how many allegations have surfaced against members of your force. In particular, regarding the two officers who were demoted for allegedly using their position for political and personal gain, and also the five other officers who were suspended with pay this month.

A police force should be an honorable and respectable institution that upholds the rights and safety of honest citizens. It is shameful that so many members of the Lethbridge Police Force have seemingly abused the trust of the public. It is a very serious matter that the Alberta Justice Minister had to get involved, and I would have hoped that this matter would have been cleared without it reaching such unfortunate proportions.

I urge you to take this matter seriously, do whatever is necessary to correct this seemingly unacceptable behavior, and restore the public confidence in the force.


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Photo Credit: Government of Alberta

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