Put Gray Wolves Back on Endangered Species List

Target: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Goal: Put the gray wolf back on the endangered species list to stabilize populations in the upper Midwest region

Gray wolves have made a remarkable recovery since the species was hunted to near extinction over 40 years ago. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) removed the species from the endangered species list in January 2012 when the species recovered to more than 4,000 individuals in the upper Midwest region. However, since the species has been delisted, hunters and trappers in Minnesota and Wisconsin have killed 530 wolves during hunting season. In addition, the Michigan Legislature voted to authorize wolf hunting in the state. Legalized wolf hunting and lack of protection for this species threatens the gray wolf’s recovery in its historic range throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan; therefore, the gray wolf should be protected under the Endangered Species Act.

In order for a species to become delisted, it must make a full recovery in numbers. This means that gray wolf populations must recover across their former range before the species became endangered. Even though gray wolf populations have significantly increased, this species still does not exist in 95% of its historic range. Regulated hunting and poaching in the upper Midwest before the species has fully recovered would allow a 50% decline in the region’s population. This population decline would drastically threaten wolf populations in the region and deter the species from a full recovery. In addition to reducing local populations, insufficient protection of gray wolves would also prevent certain wolves from dispersing to unoccupied areas of the wolf’s range.

It is unthinkable that these states would authorize hunting seasons less than a year after the gray wolf came off of the federal endangered species list. Without adequate federal protection, wolf populations will succumb to the same wolf management policies that pushed this species to the brink of extinction in the first place. Sign this petition to urge the USFWS to put gray wolves back on the federal endangered species list in efforts to help this species properly recover.


Dear U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service,

I would like to urge you to put gray wolves back on the federal endangered species list. Last January, the species was removed from the endangered species list because its numbers had increased to approximately 4,000 individuals. However, shortly after, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan authorized wolf-hunting seasons to begin. In less than a year, 530 wolves were hunted in the upper Midwest region. This species should not be hunted, as gray wolves still do not exist in 95% of their historic range.

Continued hunting and trapping of gray wolves in the upper Midwest before the species has fully recovered would allow a 50% decline in the region’s gray wolf population. Not only does the lack of federal protection reduce current wolf populations, but it also prevents wolves from dispersing to unoccupied areas and new ranges.

Without adequate federal protection, it is very likely that gray wolf populations in the United States will succumb to the same management policies that nearly eradicated the entire species over 40 years ago. Please consider continued protection for this majestic species and put the gray wolf back on the endangered species list in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan.


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Photo credit: Friends of Seney National Wildlife Refuge via Flickr

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  1. Michael Guest says:

    That’s right. Stop the hunting and trapping. And restore the protections.

  2. Sandra Doyle says:

    Cruelty is so annoying, glad I signed the petition. 🙂

  3. Mitchell Dormont says:

    Wolves are a “keystone” species, meaning that they benefit the entire ecosystem in which they occur. This benefit was seen, clearly, after they were reintroduced
    to Yellowstone, as they thinned out the elk herd, which had been severely over browsing sapling trees along the river bank, thus creating a situation ripe for erosion thereof.
    Rather than get “Macho” crazy about the joys of destroying these intelligent beings, get responsible towards your mother…Earth.

    • We need to take care of our wildlife….wolves and other animals hold the key to nature’s balance…..frankly I believe saving a wolf’s life, in some extreme way is almost more important than some human’s who harms animals and people. Sad comment, I know!

  4. After the decades of research, and the time and funds spent on reintroducing wolves back to THEIR habitat, what the hell is The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service thinking. Who’s lining their pockets? Is not the USFWS there to protect our environments, and not pander to the wants of a few sick bastards. The people are not stupid, and can see what’s going on.

    I thought we lived in a country that has the responsibility to do what is in the best intrest of its people, and the people do not want the wolves slaughtered to satisfy the bloodlust of a minority of killers. Bad move, USFWS! But it’s not too late.

  5. Please leave our wolves alone. The majority of us want our wolves too live and run free. The ranchers and trophy hunters want them dead for greedy reasons.

  6. I understand that petitions are rejected when repeat signers are included.
    This means that there must be some way of finding out if one has already signed this petition. I have signed so many on this subject that I am not sure if this one is at all new, and do not wish it to be discounted due to inadvertent multiple signatures.
    This particular issue is so important to me that I am not willing to experiment, so, if any involved with creating this petition could comment on whether it has protections from multiple signings, it would help whatever effectiveness such petitions have.

    • Thanks for your support on this issue. This petition was published on 2/19/2013 so other petitions you’ve signed prior to this date were unrelated to this one. Hope this helps.

  7. andres martinez navarro says:

    por favor,hay sitio para todos en el planeta,savar al lobo.

  8. BreannaRoseGwozdz says:

    If they don’t put the wolves back on the list hunters are gonna have to be put on the list by the time i’m done with them grr

  9. Jimmy Shadow Wolf Dunning says:

    If there is to be any chance for these wonderess creatures to make it we must keep them safe or the children of tomorrow will only be able to see them in books and film. This must not happen help them please. Jimmy Shadow Wolf Dunning

  10. Michael Guest says:

    Wildlife can’t survive without protections. Keep them in place and strengthen the safeguards.

  11. Michael Guest says:

    There is no reason not to help wolves. The Fish & Wildlife Service are going the wrong way. Give back the safeguards and keep them in place.

  12. Rob Roadman says:

    The same God who created man also created animals. And, He created them first! Please, let them live in peace as God intended.

  13. I prey every day that the wolves will be back on the endangered species list. If I can get 3 million signatures on change. Org then we may have a chance. God bless all who loves the wolf

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