Identify Gun Violence as Public Health Crisis

Target: Joe Biden, President of the United States

Goal: Declare a public health emergency in regards to gun violence.

In the span of a week, the United States saw two mass shooting events that took the lives of 18 people. Flags across the country had barely been raised following the Atlanta-area massage parlor massacres before they had to be lowed again when tragedy struck a Colorado market. Such devastating events have unfortunately become routine in America, where gun violence rates as the second leading cause of death among children. Think about that for a minute. More U.S. kids are dying by gunfire than by cancer or other serious illnesses. Gun violence is on par with COVID-19 as the nation’s imminent public health emergency.

Yet for decades, government officials have treated this crisis as a political football rather than a health crisis. The physicians who are on the front lines of these tragedies have implored politicians to approach this critical issue from a public health standpoint, but until recently federal funds would not even go towards studying gun violence. Now more than ever is the time to tackle this crisis head-on and put the full weight of government investment behind real and meaningful reform. Addressing gun violence as a health emergency would demonstrate the urgency needed, show commitment, and allow for a coordinated, well-funded plan of action.

Sign the petition below to demand President Biden honor his pledge to declare gun violence a public health emergency.


Dear President Biden,

“At this point, gun violence is a pandemic within a pandemic. And we do need the Administration to act.” This plea from Moms Demand Action echoes the calls of March for Our Lives, grieving families, and concerned citizens across the country for urgently needed action on a decades-long epidemic left untreated. On the campaign trail, you pledged that you would not wait until the next mass shooting to declare a public health emergency on the issue of gun violence.

In the wake of two unimaginable tragedies, you said it yourself: the time to act is now.  Condolences will not bring these lives or  shattered families back, nor will they prevent the next devastation. The best way to honor the memories of lives lost is to make sure that hope and sincere change arises from the darkness. A public health emergency means funding and research. It means a task force with a czar that can lead and coordinate with conviction. Most of all, it means dedication and commitment.

The alliance of government leaders and public health experts helped create a miraculous turn in the fight against COVID-19. Let’s do it again and finally end America’s longest-running epidemic.


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Photo Credit: Michael Saechang


  1. What a well written petition – I hope our new President keeps his promises.
    Let’s not campaign promises be “the old boys game” of promise them (the public) anything to get their vote then push it under the rug.
    Our country is in desperate need to get the NRA out of politics.

  2. Automatic rifles do not need to be sold two people. There’s only one reason that they are made is to kill instantly and quickly versus a 357 or a 38 or 22. And guns should be handled by car insurance you should have to take a test you should have insurance on it it should be handled a lot better than it is now.

  3. Richard Hofman says:

    Yes, the death penalty in the USA is what Europeans can just envy you US-guys.
    But, your stupid and brainless decision to let keep mob guns is over a moon imbecility you all have to pay the cost for!!!!!
    I don’t think you will change something so stuck in your minds!

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