Stop Endangering People With Toxic Chemicals in Food

Target: Miguel Patricio, Chief Executive Officer of The Kraft Heinz Company

Goal: Protect consumers from ortho-phthalates in their food.

Kraft Dinner is one of the most popular products on the modern food market. What many consumers do not realize is that the poorly nutritious powdered macaroni and cheese contains highly toxic phthalates.

Phthalates are used to increase the flexibility of materials. A wide range of consumer and industrial products contain this toxin, including toys, personal care products, medical devices, and food packaging. It is known, that phthalates interfere with the normal functioning of the body’s hormone system as endocrine disruptors. Research linked phthalates to hormonal changes, lower sperm count, decreased mobile sperm, birth defects in the male reproductive system, obesity, thyroid issues, and diabetes.

The Coalition for Safer Food Processing & Packaging found in their study that almost one hundred percent of tested cheese samples contained phthalates. Powdered macaroni and cheese mixes contained a significantly higher amount of this dangerous chemical. Phthalates frequently leach from food packaging or processing materials, such as plastic tubing and gloves, to foods.

Ultra-processed foods, like Kraft’s macaroni and cheese mixes, make up more than eighty percent of daily calories in one of five American adults. Not only are they a health risk on their own, but the high consumption of them can also increase the exposure to phthalates.

Kraft-Heinz seemingly carelessly ignores the public outcry that includes a petition and a campaign launched against them that urges the company to remove the chemical from their products. In response to these health concerns, the food corporation Kraft-Heinz reportedly states that worries about phthalate contamination in their food chain are not their problem and they’ve shown no interest in changing the way their food products are manufactured.

Safer food processing and packaging methods must be made mandatory to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals such as phthalates. Sign this petition to urge Kraft-Heinz to remove the toxic chemical phthalate from their manufacturing process.


Dear Mr. Patricio,

With Kraft Dinner as one of the most popular food items in every grocery store, your company has a great responsibility to ensure consumers’ well-being. While millions of people devour your ultra-processed, and hardly nutritious mac and cheese mixes, they are unknowingly exposed to extremely toxic chemicals, such as phthalates.

These toxins not only harm the body’s hormone system, but they also cause lower sperm count, decreased mobile sperm, birth defects in the male reproductive system, obesity, thyroid issues, and diabetes. And yet, you apparently willingly contaminate your products with this vile substance.

Seemingly ignoring the public outcry, petitions, campaigns, and the concern of many parents is shameful behavior that disregards the lives of your fellow humans. This apparent disloyalty to your patrons has to change.

Remove phthalates from all your manufacturing plants and protect the health of your consumers.


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Photo Credit: Mike Mozart

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  1. Caroline Dinnage says:

    Kraft & Nestle foods are harmful to people & the environment!

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