Instagram: Don’t Give Animal Cruelty a Global Platform

Target: Adam Mosser, Head of Instagram

Goal: Prohibit content and users that promote abuse and exploitation of animals.

A social media influencer allegedly abused and threatened the life of her pet dog Max to gain more followers and fame. She has been charged with animal cruelty. The site she reportedly used to perpetrate these crimes, however, is still providing her a platform.

Instagram personality Lovely Peaches (real name Brittany Johnson) was arrested in early 2021 after videos emerged on the site of Johnson seemingly grabbing her dog’s neck and dousing his eyes with perfume. She also reportedly claimed she had broken the animal’s legs and even apparently threatened to kill him on-camera. A message posted to her account after these troubling events allegedly said, “As I Posted On My Personal Max is no Longer With Us Rip Buddy.”

Thankfully, this claim that the dog had been killed was not true. After outraged viewers of the videos complained, Johnson was taken into custody and surrendered her dog. When asked why she made the videos, the influencer reportedly told them “cause I knew it would get me attention on the internet.” Unfortunately, Johnson’s apparent ploy seems to have worked, as Instagram has yet to take a single action against her.

Sign the petition below to demand the social media service ban this account and all cruel opportunists who hurt innocent animals to get attention.


Dear Mr. Mosser,

Instagram has a stain on its reputation for seemingly taking a soft approach to videos and pictures that perpetuate animal cruelty. Your apparent inaction regarding controversial influencer Lovely Peaches reinforces the notoriety. This woman is facing animal cruelty charges for allegedly abusing and threatening her pet dog , to the horror of thousands of watchers, on your platform. She reportedly informed police that she perpetrated these acts to “get followers.”

Over two months after her arrest, she is still posting videos on Instagram. Sir, inaction is endorsement. Do not let Instagram become the place where abusers and cruel attention-seekers go to make their names. Ban Lovely Peaches and take a decisive stand against all acts of animal cruelty promoted on your platform.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Brittany Johnson



  1. Any platform that posts, or lets others post, any form of animal cruelty is guilty of endorsing and enabling animal abuse, period. With the billons of dollars pulled in by Instagram every year there is plenty of room in the budget for policing your site for abuse and cruelty towards animals and removing it and sanctioning or removing the accounts of the posters of this horrid content. You don’t condone child abuse so quit giving animal abuse a pass..

  2. Torah Wolf says:

    Whoever is in charge of allowing these type of videos to go on YouTube, Let this be known that God is watching everything this person does and is allowing it is evil, cruel, it is immoral, it is unethical and this person is allowing God’s creations to be tortured and killed for personal and public gratification, money, to satisfy a twisted dark desire that these type of people have. They come from the bloodline of Cain and they go into the lake of fire with Satan their father that is who their true father is because only people that bear bad fruit and that means by their terrible actions that cause others that includes animals to be hurt and or killed certainly are not children of God and if you don’t believe me do your Bible study.
    Whoever is allowing these on YouTube they need to stop putting these up because I am ready to go after Youtube with a lawsuit for because it is upsetting me and I should be allowed to watch videos without these horrible things just popping up it’s almost impossible not to see them and causing me nightmares and most of all, hurting and killing animals especially, babies!!! what kind of sick demented people are these?? What YouTube is allowing is not okay and I’m a child of God and I put on my Christian armor and stand and fight against the fiery darts of Satan including evil people like YouTube… I’m praying everyday God intervenes and prevents you to from putting up videos like this.

    Isaiah 66:3 KJV

    “He who slaughters an ox is like one who kills a man; he who sacrifices a lamb, like one who breaks a dog’s neck; he who presents a grain offering, like one who offers pig’s blood; he who makes a memorial offering of frankincense, like one who blesses an idol. These have chosen their own ways, and their soul delights in their abominations

    Proverbs 12:10 KJV

    Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel.

  3. Torah Wolf says:

    And after I go after YouTube for allowing these type of videos to be put up then I’ll go after Instagram and so on and so forth you can sue anybody you want doesn’t mean you’re going to win but you’re going to keep them tied up in court and it’s going to open up a big fat can of worms into all the other bullshit they’re probably doing it usually goes down like that I’ve been to court many times I’ve seen it over and over again that’s why companies pay people off….it’s called hush money, but they can’t pay me off ever to go away I will make this public I will keep after them until they take these videos down that is b******* they are just encouraging people to do this and they are creating a new platform, a new way a new method for these poor animals to be tortured and die.
    And, this makes Instagram and all their employees just as evil and rotten as the people at YouTube for allowing the same type of videos and I am praying to God everyday that he intervenes and there is a new law in vote that will prevent this for all of these type of platforms that allow cruelty videos.

  4. What a horrible despicable bitch … making money by abusing innocent animals – she should be in jail by now and from there go straight to hell!

  5. Social networks are nothing but the work of Satan and his disciples are the ones who follow his advice and do those atrocities – hell awaits them!

  6. It’s ok cause instagram dose care ok they’ll keep asshole on that abuse animals and lock people out that speaks up for animals will every one needs to tell instagram to ban her on Instagram and this bitch needs to be in jail are prison for life

  7. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    BAN THIS MONSTER AND ANYONE WHO POSTS ABUSE TO ANIMALS PERMANENTLY. By not doing so, you are encouraging others to post to gain followers.

  8. This vile and evil psychopathic depraved pea size brain bitch Brittany Johnson who gets this vile and evil bitches thrill by torturing her pet dog Max to gain more followers and fame. She has been charged with animal cruelty. The site she reportedly used to perpetrate these crimes, however, is still providing her a platform on vile and evil money hungry Instagram.Instagram you are an absolute disgrace and must be closed down immediately and all the other filthy vile and evil
    sites used for such vile and evil sadism and evilness.
    This is another vile and evil psychopathic lowlife animal torturing and murdering bitch who must be tortured to death.
    Kill it anmd all the other psycho monsters who commit this sadism and evilness purely for their greed and thrill of torturing and murdering precious and innocent animals.


  10. Laurie Miskell says:

    Social Media needs to take more responsibility for the things they allow on their platform or be held accountable for the actions of those they allow to continue. I hope that POS who abused her dog is thrown UNDER the jail.

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