End the Cruelty of Keeping Penguins in Zoos

Target: Dr. Martine Dubuc, Government of Canada Delegate to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)

Goal: Let penguins stay in the wild where they belong.

Penguins are worldwide one of the most popular attractions in zoos. Day after day these highly intelligent animals are forced to endure numerous hardships for human pleasure. Penguins desperately try to follow their instincts in captivity but are unsuccessful due to their artificial environment.

Zoos pathetically try to emulate the bird’s natural habitat, failing to perceive that penguins should simply remain in the wild. They use penguins’ popularity to increase their profit. Although a majority of a zoo’s income supposedly goes to animal welfare projects, they should never be exploited for people’s gain. Alternative methods are available to support animals in need.

Zoos claim that penguins can live a happy life in captivity because no predators or inclement weather are threatening their lives. This statement is a pathetic excuse for humans who want to keep wild animals in their grip. Penguins are designed to live under extreme weather conditions, and the predator-prey relationship is part of nature. It is known that penguins never thrive when imprisoned and that they can live their lives to their fullest extent only in their natural habitat. Only for breeding programs, and rehabilitation purposes should penguins be allowed to be kept in captivity.

Sign below and demand for these beautiful animals to stay in the wild, and all captive birds to be relocated to wildlife sanctuaries.


Dear Dr. Dubuc,

Zoos are part of our modern society, but they mislead people to believe that wild animals should live in a human-made environment. All captive animals suffer under unnatural living conditions, and penguins are no exception. In simulated environments, penguins are not able to fulfill their biological instincts and suffer dreadfully. A large part of a zoo’s income is used to create artificial habitats for penguins, instead of leaving the birds in their natural home. Thousands are used for people’s gain every day. Zoos justify the abuse of captive animals with promises to support those in need. Animal welfare programs, however, should never be supported by the exploitation of those they aim to protect.

It is a false belief that penguins need to reside in manmade enclosers to be safe from predators and extreme weather conditions. In fact, penguins only live a happy and fulfilling life in the wild. Solely to benefit an endangered species or rehabilitation should penguins be allowed to live in human hands.

I urge you to prohibit the captivity of penguins in zoos worldwide and rehome all captives to wildlife sanctuaries.


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Photo Credit: Christopher Michel


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