Don’t Let Misogynistic Murderers Off the Hook

Target: Merrick Garland, Attorney-General of the United States

Goal: Identify misogynistic hate crimes as a terrorist threat.

In early 2020, a man walked into a Canadian massage parlor with a machete, where he allegedly killed a young mother and injured the business’ owner. About one year later, a man entered several Atlanta massage parlors and reportedly shot eight people to death, most of whom were women. The latter suspect has blamed a “sex addiction” for his apparent rampage, while the former was supposedly fueled by violent misogyny borne of the incel movement. Yet another brutal killing of a young English woman who was merely walking home, Sarah Everard, has drawn global outrage. What is the distinction between these crimes? In the first case, the suspect was charged with terrorism. In the latter two cases, at times the accused perpetrators seemed to garner more sympathy and understanding than their victims.

Analysts have identified the incel movement in particular as a domestic terrorism threat of concern. This movement, short for “involuntary celibate,” primarily consists of men who blame women for their sexual, social, and overall life failures. While it is too early to attribute the Atlanta shooting to this ideology, at least 50 fatalities in North America have been linked to it in recent years. Extreme and dangerous sexism is also theorized to have roots in other violent atrocities, from mass school shootings to Nazi fascism.

Until governments take this threat seriously, more injury and death will inevitably occur. Sign the petition below to demand the U.S. follow in Canada’s footsteps and recognize the incel movement and the deadly misogyny it represents as a terrorist threat.


Dear Attorney-General Garland,

Much emphasis has rightly been placed on the anti-Asian sentiments in America as a potential motive for the Atlanta massacres. Not as much attention, however, has focused on an equally troubling possibly: violent misogyny. Seven of the eight victims were women. In fact, an overwhelming majority of the hate crimes against Asians perpetrated in the past year have been directed at women.

This unfortunate trend is sadly on the rise. Individuals emboldened and reinforced by incel ideology and other radical, anti-feminist ideals have reportedly taken the lives of dozens of women recently….and these are just he officially recognized cases. Far too often, misogyny-fueled violence is not acknowledged for what it is: a hate crime. Canadian authorities took an important step in an eerily similar massage parlor attack last year. They charged the defendant, affiliated with the incel movement, with terrorism and recognized his deadly crime as such when the guilty verdict came. The UK took a similar step in the wake of the killing of Sarah Everard by vowing to pursue misogynistic violence as a hate crime.

Scholars have identified extreme misogyny as a top domestic terrorist threat. Please pledge that you will officially recognize this danger and pursue prosecutions accordingly. Value and protect the individuals who represent over half of America’s population.


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Photo Credit: Matt H Ward

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  1. Thank you Matt Ward, I had not heard
    of incel. I have followed and read up on kidnapping girls/women by sex slavers. Or,even children as young as 6 years being exploited by their parents to keep papa in beer and smokes. We think the latter occurs only in 3rd world countries -but I wonder.
    Whether it is incel killings or sex slavery -such horrendous crimes against women needs to be looked at and appropriate action taken.
    Why has this not come more into the light here in America -oh, yes, I forgot we just rid of “you know who”.

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