End the Cruelty of Keeping Parrots as Captives

Target: Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Goal: Protect parrots from confinement in unnatural environments.

Exotic birds in captivity have become a normal sight. Numerous people keep parrots as pets, confining them in cages, and forcing them to live an unnatural existence.

Parrots include macaws, cockatiels, lovebirds, cockatoos, conures, and about 350 more types of these beautiful birds, some of them on the verge of extinction. Providing adequate entertainment for these intelligent birds is a difficult task that most bird owners cannot fulfill. Left alone in a tiny cage, a bored parrot becomes aggressive, territorial, and destructive. As highly social animals, it is terrible torture to keep these birds without the company of their own species. Forcing human attention onto the animals does not replace the affection of an avian friend.

In the wild, some parrots fly as far as 15 miles to feed. Cage standards for these animals are a repulsive excuse to make up for the space that is taken away from them.

People have the ludicrous belief that they save animals from nature’s gruesome force when keeping them as pets in their homes. Wild animals, however, pursue their lives based on their instincts and do not depend on humans.

The freedom of these majestic creatures has to be restored. Sign this petition to prohibit parrots as pets.


Dear Mr. Trudeau,

Pets can make wonderful companions in life. And while it is true that domesticated species can have a happy existence at a human’s side, undomesticated animals need to stay in the wild.

Parrots are wrongfully kept as pets, enduring the abuse of loneliness and boredom. Without avian friends, these highly social animals are forced to integrate into a human environment that is unnatural to them. The cage standards for confined parrots are pathetic and do not allow the birds to fulfill their natural behavior.

In Canada, it is not permitted to capture and keep a wild animal as a pet. Owning wild animals from a foreign country should not be different.

Parrots are beautiful and intelligent animals that can only thrive in their native habitat. Restore their freedom. Do not allow the confinement of these wild birds. Prohibit parrots as pets in Canada.


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Photo Credit: Bicanski



  1. Paula Morgan says:

    Do any one of us want to live our whole life in a cage just for the enjoyment of others? Didn’t think so. I rest my case.

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