Stop Riding Horses for Pleasure and Entertainment

Target: Meg Krueger, Chief Executive Officer, Secretary General of Equestrian Canada

Goal: Give horses the right to pursue their lives freely.

Working with horses and other equines can be a wonderful thing for both humans and animals. And while engaging with horses has advantages for all involved, horseback riding is an exception. The decision to take part in horseback riding is made by humans, and whether or not a pony wants to participate is up to debate. And without clear consent, riding a horse is unethical.

Ethical treatment of horses entails us treating them more like equals, meaning that we should not exploit them for our personal gain. Humans have to stop taking advantage of these skittish prey animals who have no control over whether or not they want to live with humans.

Horses are extremely social animals that associate with other members of their large herds, graze in meadows, travel vast distances, and even play. Horses, ponies, and donkeys have needs, wants, and interests that do not evolve from what humans demand and expect from them.

People have been using horses for entertainment and profit for thousands of years and subjected them to countless abuse. Horses have to endure uncomfortable head and mouth gear, loneliness, boredom, are forced to carry heavy burdens, including people, and jump obstacles at a full gallop. Hundreds of equines die every year because people force themselves onto them.

Riding is a completely unnecessary sport for a horse and a selfish, abusive activity for humans. We can have a meaningful relationship with equines in our care that is mutually beneficial without climbing on top of them. Riding any equine is indisputably unethical and if anything, harmful for the animals.

We must free equines from the grip of human’s repulsive desire to ride them. Sign this petition to stop Equestrian Canada from exploiting equines.


Dear Miss Krueger,

It is shameful that you pride yourself on an occupation that objectifies sentient beings for your own selfish gain. Humans decide to take part in horseback riding, and the opinion of a horse stays unknown. And without the equine’s clear consent, riding is unethical.

Showing compassion to a horse does not include jumping on their backs at any given time, it involves your devotion to them. Whether you ride them or not should never change how you feel about these sensitive creatures.

Justifying riding with the absurd claim that horses love carrying you on their backs only proves that you put your desires before their well-being. Without riding, equines will never again have to fear bits, spurs, and whips. Cruelty, however, does not begin with physical harm.

Horseback riding is not a sport, it is an exploit of animals. You must change the vision of your company and free all equines from their unjust duties to mankind.


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Photo Credit: Carmen Edenhofer



  1. Riding horses is not abuse-this is ridiculous petition for such!
    Granted mabe some people who might abuse this but majority of folks who ride is for pleasure and are good owners of their horses care continually. Horses have been ridden for centuries, without horses in wars, they would not been able to win many victories. Horses are enjoyable to ride in shows they love to show their stuff! To get into places can not go in a car, a horse is very enjoyable to ride as are sure footed and rider relies on his horse to only go what/where it is safe to go…..owners always have a good bond w/their horse, such a stupid petition! Totally ridiculous!

  2. I do not agree with this petition. I have ridden before but do not now. I do agree that any endeavor using animals is prone to abuse. Horses are very expensive to keep (shoeing, Vet visits, food, exercise) but if not used for trail rides these, now, free living souls are shipped off to the slaughter houses in Canada or sent to
    the Premarin farms. The latter place
    impregnates a mare, keeps her in a tiny enclosure, restricts her water so that her urine is very concentrated. Her foal is born and probably killed on the spot or sent to the slaughter house. She will spend her WHOLE life there, pregnancy after pregnancy till she drops or is sent for slaughter so the French/Belgians/Japanese get their fill.
    Both of our countries have too many horses. Americans brag that we closed down the slaughter houses in this country so horses don’t have to be killed and yet, the same number die in Mexico or Canada(100,000)yrly. WHY? 1) because owners are too cheap to buy a relatively inexpensive birth control that has been around for a long time(PVZ) or, they are tired of the animal and don’t want to pay a Vet to euthanize it (and what would they do with the body)–too much trouble so they cart it off to a horse auction where the “killer buyers” are in wait.

  3. Sorry, I forgot to talk about PREMARIN.

    Menopause! the above horse urine product is given to women to control
    hot flashes -yes it might alleviate this “terrible plague of womankind” BUT, are you really so uncaring about
    what is going on to these precious animals and believing your Dr who is pushing like her livelihood depends on you selling your soul?

    There are natural plant products that
    do as good a job!

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