Stop Pipelines From Destroying Pristine Wetlands and Woods

Target: Joe Biden, President of the United States of America

Goal: Stop the completion of the pipeline Enbridge Line 3 from destroying important environmental landscapes.

Pristine forests and riparian areas surrounding the Mississippi River are threatened by the completion of a pipeline. The Enbridge Line 3 will bring oil from the tar sands in Canada to refineries in the USA, and ecosystems and wildlife are threatened by this act of greed. With the country moving towards a green future, this pipeline is an unnecessary piece of environmental destruction that has been heavily contested by Native American tribes and activist groups.

Enbridge justifies this construction by saying they have followed every proper procedure, and that the already approved pipeline will be needed for decades to come. But this is a sad excuse to build a pipeline carrying the most harmful crude oil in light of the clean options available in the 21st Century.

Sign this petition to end construction of this pipeline and keep the earth unpolluted.


Dear Mr. President,

Following your successful termination of the Keystone XL pipeline, I encourage you to take further action to protect the delicate environment of the United States, and to encourage growth in the green energy sector. The Enbridge Line 3 pipeline has been years in constructing and has faced heavy opposition from many Native American tribes and environmental groups.

The section of pipeline currently under construction is devastating some of the most primeval forest and water lands near the Mississippi River, bringing the most environmentally damaging oil from Canada’s tar sands.

I urge the current administration to stop this wanton environmental destruction, and allow nature to rest as we produce clean, green energy.


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  1. Paula Morgan says:

    We need the wetlands. We need land. Oil can not be carried safely no matter what big oil says. These pipelines are an accident waiting to happen. It’s not if but when! Big oil helped bring the climate to where it is but they has no sense to see they are killing the earth. If they don’t see then we must put on our glasses to stop all further destruction

  2. Everything we use today is made with oil…it’s simply something we have to have to survive. Now would someone please tell me how building a pipeline, which is the absolute safest way to transport oil, is destroying our environment? Paula…do you drive a car, heat your food on a stove, live in a home, etc? Then I guess you’re simply part of the problem, aren’t you?

    • Sarah Connor says:

      You know the sun is free, right? We can’t have solar power because morons like you in Congress still have such antiquated views. Why do you have an issue with preserving our environment? If you hate our planet so much then you can go to Pluto!

      • Wow, another power illiterate comment from the uber idiotic left. So tell us all, Sarah, Just what kind of power, twenty four hours a day and reliable comes from solar? You leftist morons never look at a solution other than what you think is politically correct at the moment. Without oil there is no running machinery from sunlight…I guess you didn’t consider that. Without oil no windmills are manufactured or run…without oil no electric cars run, no tires are made, but no, I guess Sarah didn’t stop to consider all that, did she? You leftists are incredibly stupid.

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