Dogs Allegedly Left to Die in Urine and Feces With Untreated Injuries Deserve Justice

Target: Commonwealth Attorney of Orange County, Virginia Diana O’Connell

Goal: Prosecute trainer who reportedly let dogs live in their own waste with painful sores.

Twelve dogs reportedly suffered burned skin while living in crates filled with their own urine and feces. A dog trainer named Shawn Michael Deehan was arrested and charged shortly after the animals were found in his care. He needs to be held accountable if he is found guilty to ensure other pets are less likely to suffer.

The dogs were reportedly found at Deehan’s dog training facility, The Perfect Dog. Police claimed that the animals did not have access to food or water. One needed immediate medical care after officers allegedly found severe injuries on all four of the animal’s paws. Per investigators, the dog also appeared underweight.

The dogs were seized by authorities, and Deehan now faces one count of felony animal cruelty, as well as other possible charges. Sign this petition to demand Deehan receive time in prison and that he not be allowed to work with animals if it is found he abused any dogs in his care.


Dear Commonwealth Attorney O’Connell,

Shawn Michael Deehan was arrested shortly after police searched his dog training facility and allegedly found twelve animals without food or water living in crates filled with feces and urine. He needs to receive a tough prison sentence and further be banned from being around animals if he is found guilty of committing this serious act.

It was reported that they lived in crates with their own waste for so long that some of them developed skin burns. One of the dogs was also reportedly underweight and had serious wounds on all four paws. The animal allegedly needed to be treated by a veterinarian right away to avoid further complications. Officers took all the animals out of the facility, and Deehan was taken into custody for felony animal cruelty and may eventually also be brought up on other charges.

For these reasons, I demand you seek an appropriate punishment for Deehan and that you further do whatever possible to make sure he is not allowed to work with or be around animals if he is found guilty of neglect or abuse.


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  1. All animal abusers globally must have the death penalty implemented and nothing less.

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