Save Canadian Rockies From Destructive Coal Mining

Target: Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta

Goal: Prohibit coal mining on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains.

The United Conservative Party has revoked a nearly 50-year-old law and is considering coal mining operations on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains. They must be stopped from plundering this pristine range for profit.

Coal is an obsolete source of fuel. It is a key contributor to acid rain, respiratory issues, and smog. Not to mention the devastating effects from the mining operations themselves: air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, water contamination, and land subsidence.

In light of modern technology, the government of Alberta needs to stop focusing on antiquated and environmentally damaging sources of energy, and focus on green energy initiatives. Stop despoiling the land for personal gain.

Sign this petition to urge the government to prohibit coal mining in the Rocky Mountains.


Dear Mr. Kenney,

It is shameful in the face of modern clean energy, that your government is focusing on obsolete, and environmentally damaging energy sources. First your decision to ride the sinking ship of the Keystone Pipeline, and now this motion to pillage the mountains, shows that you are obstinately stuck in the past.

Your poor decision to open mining in the Rockies will set events in motion that can never be rectified. It will leave permanent scars on an internationally loved natural landmark, all so businessmen and the province can line their pocketbooks.

I urge you to stop this stupidity and do not destroy the land and environment in the name of the economy. Prohibit coal mining in the Rocky Mountains.


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  1. Paula Morgan says:

    No country has the right to drive the world and the human race into annihilation. We are in climate change. We either act or die! Canada is harming the climate by allowing the destruction of coal mining to continue. One day soon many countries will come together to stop such risk taken by a single country. Stop coal now. Once done the land will be forever ruined. Just look at the coal men destruction left in West Virginia. STOP COAL or pay the consequences later.

  2. This is the 21 st century we need to dump coal mining and all the other outdated energy sources that no longer serve our needs and only benefit vested interest and it’s greed for profit over the need for renewable energy. The catastrophic events caused by climate change and the raping and pillaging of our planet and it’s resources are plainly seen today, and will increase exponentially if this destruction is not stopped now !

  3. NO COUNTRY has the right to DESTROY our PLANET!! Coal mining in the majestic Rocky Mountains shall be PROHIBITED…

    Rocky Mountains is the HERITAGE of the ENTIRE WORLD.


  4. Maria Bertrand says:

    More destruction of our planet. Sounds like the opposite of what you should be doing to preserve Canada natural beauty.

    What happened to environmental programs to protect??????
    Sounds shameful, dangerous and greedy.

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