Ban Brutal Pregnancy Prisons for Pigs

Target: Phil Murphy, Governor of New Jersey

Goal: Support ban on gestation crates and veal crates that subject sows and their newborn calves to inhumane living conditions.

Female pigs exploited for breeding are often forced to spend almost their entire lives in cramped containers just a few feet long and wide. The sows kept in gestation crates do not even get the benefit of small comfort. Their “bedding” consists of concrete, plastic, or metal floors designed exclusively for the convenience of the people responsible for them. Canada has banned these barbaric devices, but only a handful of U.S. states have any laws on the books regarding gestation crates. New Jersey, however, could soon have another chance to correct a mistake made several years ago.

A bill sponsored by a senator and assemblyman would outright ban gestation crates. Caretakers would be required to provide humane and comfortable quarters for mother pigs. This legislation would also prohibit use of the equally cruel veal crates: tiny cages that imprison newborn calves. A similar bill passed the state’s legislative chambers with broad bipartisan and overwhelming public support in 2014, but controversial former Governor Chris Christie ultimately vetoed the effort.

History cannot repeat itself. Sign the petition below to help ensure this latest fight against severe confinement does not meet a similar fate.


Dear Governor Murphy,

The public supports it by an over a 90 percent margin. Public health officials have stated that such efforts could help curb dangerous animal-borne illnesses that pose a threat to humans, like COVID-19. Its passage could alleviate the suffering of thousands of pregnant animals that must spend their entire lives in torture chambers where breathing, enjoying quiet and rudimentary sanitation standards, or even lying down are a struggle. A previous version of it in fact earned wide support on both sides of the aisle.

Why, then, has the proposed bill banning gestation crates failed to become state law? The lack of movement on this bill leaves many advocates worried it will meet the same fate as a similar bill introduced—and vetoed—seven years ago. Please do not make the same mistake as your predecessor and abet animal cruelty on a state level.

Support S.3401/A.5236 and sign it into law when it reaches your desk. Take a definitive stand for all of New Jersey’s living beings.


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Photo Credit: Humane Society of the United States



  1. Stop raping pigs! This is disgusting! Stop eating animals and this fucked up shit stops!!!

  2. Evan Jane Kriss says:


  3. Stop the suffering of these poor animals. I have not eaten pork for years. It is beyond cruel. Pigs are smart and all animals feel the same pains as humans. This is o cruel!

  4. Animal abusers must be put to death and nothing less.

  5. Jaime Perez says:

    Stop this disgusting practice. This is reprehensible and appalling. It is inhumane! Stop eating meat, that would end this!!

  6. Pigs are very smart animals & it is way past time that humans start giving them credit for just how smart they really are. Those who abuse these animals need to be placed in these tight fitting spaces with no bedding other than a thin layer of maybe a few hand fulls of straw. Anyone who commits animal abuse should be hung by their heels in the public square till they are deemed deade!!!

  7. Marlene in Johnson says:

    We are supposed to be humans, and the way these animals are treated from birth to death, is in-human and all persons involved with this will pay the price, when they meet their maker. We all know right from wrong, and this is so very wrong! How can we make these intelligent creatures capable of a 3yr old, live their lives like this? This has to stop, and we are all paying for this right now with the terrible covid crisis! Remember ALL animals are Gods creatures, they feel all the things we do, pain, love for their offspring, grief, and fright. No woman could stand to be in a confined space especially when pregnant! why should they have to live like this for the greed of MAN! This is wrong on all accounts and we have to change this BARBARIC treatment for ALL animals!

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