Ensure Clean and Safe Water for Storm-Battered Communities

Target: Tate Reeves, Governor of Mississippi

Goal: Upgrade water infrastructure in city besieged by water distribution and treatment failures.

Boiled water advisories, supplies of flushing water from the city, and bottled water imports from volunteers: the residents of Mississippi’s capital city have lived with this daily reality since winter storms pummeled communities. For weeks, Jackson has gone without safe running water. As Flint, Michigan reminds us, a lack of access to clean water puts the health and welfare of every person living in this city at risk.

The storms contributed to over 100 water line breaks and leaks and greatly compromised equipment at water treatment plants. Officials in the city initially pledged water restoration would occur within a week. Fast-forward three weeks, and many residents still remained without adequate water or water pressure. The boiled water advisory also remained in place because continued cloudy liquids stoked fears that disease-carrying microbes might be present in high numbers.

Old, crumbling infrastructure helped keep this crisis going, and only strong investment and commitment can alleviate it. Sign the petition below to join in Jackson’s pleas for state aid to fix an imminent health hazard.


Dear Governor Reeves,

You sent state national guard and emergency personnel to help Jackson during its water crisis, but this short-term fix will not correct a problem that runs much deeper. City leaders have asked for financial aid and support from the state to rebuild a clearly outdated and dangerous water infrastructure system. Such funding could improve and repair distribution and treatment systems that have failed these communities.

Untold numbers of residents in your capital city went without a basic need we take for granted for weeks on end. To this day, they still worry that the water that sustains them will also sicken them. Without your assistance, the same humanitarian crisis can and likely will happen again.

Please make an investment in Jackson during its greatest hour of need.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: US Department of Agriculture


  1. Janet Diehl says:

    Mississippi needs to move into the 21st Century, especially in regards to education, health, public safety, attitude, & fair justice for all people.

  2. All people deserve clean running water in the places where they live. It is vital that they have a fresh supply of drinking water as not everyone can have money to go to the store for fresh bottles of water. Water is needed in flushing toilets, cooking & bathing.

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