Stop the Horrifying Abuse of Bees for Honey

Target: The Honorable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change

Goal: Protect hundreds of millions of bees from human exploit.

Bees play an essential role in the world. They pollinate flowers to allow fruits and vegetables to grow, and work as a bio indicator, showing us changes in our environment. Unfortunately, bees are mostly recognized for their products: honey, beeswax, bee brood, and many more, while we forget how important they are for us. If all bees suddenly vanished from the planet, all people on earth would only have four years left to live.

Few realize that bees have a functioning nervous system that enables them to feel suffering and pleasure, and people most often disregard them as unconscious creatures. Bees are mainly exploited for the extraction of honey, of which millions of pounds are sold every year. To produce a single teaspoon of honey, it takes twelve worker bees an entire lifetime. In addition to that, bees have to collect pollen from over two million flowers for one pound of honey. Bees labor for countless hours on the production of this sweet substance to feed their young and for their own future nourishment. Humans steal the honey for their own selfish use and pathetically replace it with sugar water that is unfit to sufficiently nourish the bees.

Other human activity also promotes the exploitation of bees and contributes to their harm in several ways, including their killing. These insects have their wings and legs cut off, drones have their heads crushed to extract their semen for artificial insemination, the bees, and especially the queens, are forced into unnatural behavior, with many killed or left to die as an inconvenience.

Honey is a completely unnecessary food and can easily be replaced by plant-based items. Furthermore, the medicinal qualities of it are disputed, and can be substituted by herbal medicines.

Torturing, mutilating, exploiting, and killing bees is accepted to maximize profit. They deserve humane treatment and support in maintaining their population. Sign this petition to end the abuse of the under-valued bees of the world.


Dear Honorable Mr. Wilkinson,

Billions of bees are valued only for their honey, while we neglect to perceive that there could be no human life without them. Sugar water does not sufficiently sustain them, but is used to viciously steal the honey they slaved for and gave their lives to make.

Instead of a peaceful existence, bees have to endure torture and mutilation for human gain. The honey stolen from them is obsolete as a sweetener and medicinal ingredient. None of the products that are made by bees are needed by humans, but they are essential for the bees’ existence. There should be alternative means implemented to maintain the bee population in the world without exploiting them for honey and byproducts.

I urge you to end the exploit of bees and ban honey production for human use.


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Photo Credit: Carmen Edenhofer



  1. When I found out about the ways bees are treated, I returned the honey I bought a few years back. I did not fuel the demand because I returned the honey or at least I am not taking part in it. This is disgusting and evil.

  2. Animal abusers must have the mandatory death penalty implemented and nothing less.

  3. Bees play such a huge impact on our world . With out bees we could not survive for very many months. Bees work day & night to make honey for us to us in so many ways. From putting honey on burns, cooking & so very many ways of keeping our families healthy. Those who kill honey bees must be given the death penalty.

  4. It is a great shame that people believe everything they read without checking facts. Without honey bees there would be no fruit or nuts.

    • Wrong, how did we get apples and such and is such horrific abuse and exploitation necessary. NO

    • You can also have pollinator bees that are not honey bees and even if they are honey bees, that honey can be left intact. Do not murder them and take their honey. There is a vegan way to do everything yes.

  5. Paula Morgan says:

    If humans want to eat and live then we must save the bees! We are using and abusing them to extinction! Get Smart People … we won’t make t if the bees don’t begin having a normal existence. Bayer and other industries are polluting everything and killing bees. Then they are helped by there companies who abuse bees for their own gain. These ignorant and reedy companies must not realize if he bees go, humans go, and the rich go right along with all the rest of life on earth.
    Their money won’t save them and their businesses won’t save them either. This is not business as usual …. it is annihilation!!!!!
    We must force ourselvs to be earth friendly, followed by our governments, then be watchdogs for other countries who poach and use up the world’s resources. Climate change is serious business with no bottom line but death! If we don’t wise up then we deserve what is coming.

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