Stop Forests From Being Stripped of their Biodiversity

Target: Honourable Katrine Conroy, Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development

Goal: Protect British Columbia’s bio-diverse forests from logging and destruction.

Old forest ecosystems in British Columbia are at high risk of permanent biodiversity loss from logging. These old-growth forests are extremely resilient, and can better withstand the ravages of climate change than newly planted, second growth trees. The mature trees protect communities from drought, forest fires, and flooding. They also create heavy, healthy soil, and remove pollutants from the air.

A forest will lose its biodiversity if more than 30 percent of the old growth is removed. Under the current management, many areas are to be logged beyond the point of recovery. If this happens, nearly all of B.C. would be at high risk for irreparable biodiversity loss.

Of the 150 million acres of forest in B.C., only 32 million acres of old forest remain. Shockingly, logging was temporarily deferred on only 7% of these indispensable forests.

The province is currently reconsidering its policies to produce a more sustainable future. Sign below to encourage the government to protect the delicate ecosystems.


Dear Honourable Conroy,

The loss of any bio-diverse forest is a tragic thing that affects everyone on the planet. Logging is a significant industry in British Columbia, but the money made cannot replace the old, mature trees that are being lost at an alarming rate.

The current logging practices in your province are not sustainable, and it is imperative that more old-growth forests are preserved. I strongly encourage you to reconsider the current management system, and move towards a more sustainable future that will protect old-growth forests, and encourage vibrant new biodiversity.


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Photo Credit: Adam Jones


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  1. Please protect the current logging practices & maybe consider planting new trees to help replace trees that are now being cut down. Trees are so important to help control our eco system.

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