Save Gray Wolves From Relentless Slaughter

Target: Deb Haaland, Nominee for U.S. Secretary of the Interior

Goal: Resume federal protections for gray wolves as an endangered species.

As one of its final acts of office, the Trump Administration lifted protections for endangered gray wolves. This move opened up a free-for-all for opportunistic hunters, as state after state drafted horrific policies and encouraged early hunting. One state, Wisconsin, became a tragic real-life example of these heartless dictates in action. Apparently worried that the new administration would soon end the killing frenzy, the state launched a recent week-long wolf hunt in which hunters were “restricted” to killing 119 wolves. Within just three days, the bloodthirsty hunters had catapulted over this number and slaughtered 216 wolves. Officials closed the hunt early, but the extremely high number of hunting permits issued in the days preceding it indicate that history could soon repeat itself in Wisconsin. The state saw its population of gray wolves eradicated seven decades ago due to hunting.

This same scenario, and worse, could play out across the country in the absence of urgent action. During the Wisconsin tragedy, the animals were hunted down by packs of dogs or subjected to slower, more painful deaths via steel leg traps or neck snares that strangled them. Other state politicians are pushing laws that would legalize additional inhumane killing methods and allow unlimited hunting of wolves for bounty. The poor animals would be subject to legalized massacres day or night and by land, sea, or even air.

Sign the petition below to demand the immediate reinstatement of protections for this targeted, still-endangered wildlife.


Dear Representative Haaland,

Under the previous administration, protections were dismissed for an animal nearly exterminated many times over the decades. Over a period of just sixty hours, over 200 of these animals were killed in Wisconsin: 80-plus percent over the week’s legal limit. Wisconsin’s Humane Society director reflected: “this is a deeply sad and shameful week for Wisconsin. This week’s hunt proves that now, more than ever, gray wolves need federal protections restored to protect them from short-sighted and lethal state management.”

The gray wolf’s politically motivated removal from endangered species protections has put it in more danger than ever. States will continue to chip away at what meager safeguards still exist for this majestic member of the wild. Several have already introduced proposals for unlimited hunting, bounty hunting, and inhumane methods that will compound the plight of these at-risk animals. Please heed the calls of conservationists and citizens who do not want to see these beautiful living beings wiped out by greed or political pandering to special interests.

When you are confirmed as Secretary of the Interior, restore protections for the gray wolf as soon as possible.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Paula Morgan says:

    This iconic animal is is important in keeping the land and eco system sustainable. If you happen to be a rancher you hate wolves. You want grazing rights without cost. But the wolves are more important. They and the sharks, which keep the ocean in check as the wolves do the land, must survive man’s ignorance to not know the full story or value of these predators thus humans have killing contests which kills so many animals. Why? Entertainment. That a stupid reason or excuse to shoot every animal in sight. One wins the contest depending on the weight of combined animals collected. This stupidity is killing us all. There is a reason nature put every animal on the earth and humans, me included, are not smart enough nor wise enough to have foresight into the needs of this earth. But without the earth, who survives?

  2. The only good hunter is a dead one. Hunt the hunters and lets turn these evil cretins into fertiliser!

  3. Leave animals alone!!

  4. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    PLEASE restore protections for our beautiful gray wolves NOW. The result of Trump lifting them has been wholesale slaughter in several states.

  5. We need wolves. They are a top predator that keeps the ecosystem in balance. This becomes more difficult as the human population grows. We change or take away habitats, pollute, and now, kill outright the creatures that are beneficial to us. I have just responded to a similar petition in Wisconsin, my home State. The legal wolf hunt in February killed over 200 wolves! These are the animals that keep our diseased white-tailed feet herds down. They make the deer healthier and control the years when deer populations cause the most damage due to high birth rates. Livestock owners can get info and help to naturally deter wolves with guard dogs and special fencing. Everything has a value in this world, and by saving these animals we will save our Earth.

    • MJ your comments are right on -wolves have an important role in controlling deer over population.
      Their family life is one that humans should respect. They do not overproduce young, they fear man as they should because only humans KILL FOR PLEASURE.

  6. Jaime Perez says:

    Leave the wolves alone. They are an important part of the ecosystem. Hunters are ruining that by cold bloodedly murdering wolves for their sick sport. Hunters are nothing but cowardly murderers of innocent animals. If they want sport, hunt each other!!

  7. We need wolves to help in keeping our ecosystems in check. They are important to keeping the deer in check & since hunters were allowed to kill wolves recently, many of the wolves are going to take awhile to recover. No more wolf killings, instead hunt each other instead!!!

  8. SHAME on Wisconsin. Each and every citizen of that state should hang their head in shame and in sorrow for what they allowed to happen.

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