Protect Caribou From Being Slaughtered at an Alarming Rate

Target: Jonathon Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Canada

Goal: Provide more enforcement, and stricter penalties, to end caribou poaching in northern communities.

Caribou are dying at the hands of illegal hunters, and the already fragile herds are being threatened with extinction. In the North West Territories, poachers are slaughtering these endangered animals along remote roads, where the limited and overworked conservation officers are unable to patrol. More than 50 caribou have been found poached this winter, as compared to 10 in previous winters.

In the last 20 years, more than 2.6 million caribou have been lost across the Arctic, leaving only 2 million remaining. Whole herds have disappeared, and several sub-species have already become extinct. Also known as reindeer, these animals control the biodiversity of the northern tundra, and losing them would destroy the biodiversity of this vast and marginal habitat.

The federal government needs to intercede by providing more conservation officers, and impose stricter punishments for the lawbreakers who purposely destroy these beautiful creatures and threaten the delicate ecosystems they inhabit.

Sign this petition to protect the majestic caribou of the North.


Dear Honourable Wilkinson,

Caribou are disappearing from Northern Canada at an alarming rate. This winter has seen a significant increase in poacher activity, particularly in the North West Territories, where conservation officers are spread thin over a vast region. In the past few months, over 50 caribou have been killed. This is a significant increase from the 10 that were killed in the previous winter.

Caribou are a vital part of the Arctic’s biodiversity, and they are quickly becoming extinct. I urge you to provide more conservation officers and funding to these neglected regions, and to enforce stricter punishments on poachers who desecrate nature and this magnificent species.


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  1. Paula Morgan says:

    So here we are agin. Illegal hunters killing Caribou no matter the law fo the land. Why are humans so selfish and so blood thirsty? Hunters are killing s many that grave harm is being done. Do these animals have to g extinct too? Surely Canada can do something to protect these creatures before they are all gone. Gone where? Probably to hang on the walls of houses. Please step in and save these animals.

  2. Janet Diehl says:

    I do not understand why so many humans take pleasure in killing animals, that includes us humans. Maybe the governments of countries need to start practicing respect in their laws, texts, policies & actions; for humans, animals, forests, flora, land, all types of water sources, and history & indigenous peoples rights & treaties. Penalties for illegal killing of Caribou need to be strict, evenly administered, & done quickly. That means enforcers need speedy access to forests, & have enough immediate power to arrest & confiscate the whole caribou. The meat could be given to animal shelters or refuges.

  3. The only good hunter is a dead one. Hunt the hunters. These evil, mentally deranged animal killing cretins most definitely require being turned into fertiliser.

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