Stop Imprisoning Fennec Foxes for Pleasure

Target: Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Goal: Leave fennec foxes in the wild where they belong.

Over the past few years, fennec foxes, or desert foxes, gained popularity as pets in Canada. Fennec foxes received their pet status mainly because of their overall cuteness and the belief that they are easy to care for. These extremely shy and skittish prey animals are native to the Sahara Desert, and do not belong in private hands.

Naturally, desert foxes dislike human touch and try to stay away from people. For this reason, it is a barbaric torture to force ourselves onto these undomesticated animals. Fennecs require a lot of exercise that is almost impossible to satisfy in captivity. Meeting a fennec fox’s dietary needs is very difficult and most veterinarians are not specialized in these desert animals. And while pet fennecs are captive-bred, they are not a domesticated breed and still follow their natural, wild instincts.

Sign this petition to make it illegal to own fennec foxes as pets, and return any privately owned foxes to wildlife sanctuaries.


Dear Mr. Trudeau,

More and more people in Canada believe that they should own wild animals as pets, and the fennec fox is no exception. Although fennecs are cute and supposedly easy to care for, they belong in the wild and not in people’s homes.

Desert foxes are shy animals that startle easily, but are forcefully handled by people for their personal pleasure. This undomesticated species demands an excessive amount of exercise that life in captivity cannot meet. Most veterinarians are not educated in the handling of fennec foxes, and a fennec’s special dietary needs are hard to fulfill. It is a misconception that undomesticated captive-bred animals belong in human hands, because their natural instincts are still adapted to the wild.

I plead for you to prohibit the private ownership of fennec foxes in all of Canada, and rehome all captives to wildlife sanctuaries.


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Photo Credit: Cifer88



  1. Paula Morgan says:

    Wildlife belong in the wild. They are not pets.

  2. They don’t belong in freezing Canada either.

  3. Amanda Desiree Wilson says:

    Contrary to what others think, wild animals that are bred in captivity should be allowed. I have worked with big cats and wild animals and if they are bred in captivity, they adjust quite well with people. Most of these people that don’t want these animals here have never worked with them and are just jumping on the bandwagon. These idiots think that these animals are being taken from the wild and domesticated. That is not true. Years ago, they were taken from the wild but over time, they were bred domestically.

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