Cat Strangled, Tied to Tree, and Left for Dead Deserves Justice

Target: Cincinnati, Ohio Animal Care Humane Society Chief Dog Warden Troy Taylor

Goal: Find and arrest person who nearly killed cat by tying him to tree with retractable dog leash.

A two-year-old cat, named Dagger, was barely breathing after he was found with a retractable leash around his neck and tied to a tree. It is important that an investigation be conducted to find the individual who committed this senseless act of animal cruelty, to keep other animals in the surrounding areas safe.

Dagger was found by his owners after escaping from his home. Although Dagger was still breathing when he was found, he may not survive. He is on several medications for head trauma because his brain function was severely damaged from being strangled by the leash. Dagger’s legs also need to be rotated every four hours so they will hopefully once again be able to function on their own. His family is now relying on donations to help with the cat’s medical care.

Although the incident was reported, it is not clear whether officials have started searching for the guilty party. Sign this petition to demand a full investigation take place and that whoever did this be arrested if they are found.


Dear Chief Warden Taylor,

A cat, known as Dagger, was recently found nearly dead after he was tied to a tree with a retractable dog leash around his neck. Whoever committed this crime needs to be found and immediately arrested to better ensure other animals in the vicinity will not also be targeted.

Dagger was discovered by his owners hours after he escaped out the door. He was able to receive medical treatment through the help of a local animal rescue called the Tri-State Noah Project. However, Dagger’s injuries are so traumatic that he is now being fed through a syringe, as well as taking pain medication and steroids. Additionally, Dagger’s legs are being manually rotated every four hours as a means of physical therapy. Dagger’s prognosis currently looks dim, and he may die if his brain function and mobility do not soon improve.

For these reasons, I demand you search for the person who is responsible for committing this heartless act and that they be immediately apprehended so other animals will not be subject to similar abuse.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Paula Morgan says:

    Someone did this to the cat. He needs to be found! No one has the right to do that to any creature. We are evolving into a sick society. The laws are too lenient, the defense attorneys too savvy, and judges usually granting no sentence. This family loved this cat. Finances are so tough these days due to Covid but no family needs to be under such grave expense to try to save their beloved pet. WHEN FOUND this person, or persons, need to fully fund the medical expenses. If that means their family can’t eat then so be it. They brought it upon themselves. Someone saw something, a surveillance camera, or doorbell, may have picked up something as this incident didn’t take place in the woods. When fond the toughest laws need to be applied and hopefully, one day, all state laws will be the same thus no suspended sentences. Age should not be a factor in the sentence given.

    • joanne bradley says:

      Totally agree with all your comments. Someone may recognise the leash or have seen someone acting suspiciously or even know the abuser. The law must do all they can to find this evil moron before another animal suffers the same fate. Maximum punishment for all animal abusers. Hope poor Dagger recovers from his ordeal.

  2. Joyce O'Malley says:

    This cowardly-slime ball-piece of shit creature – that tortured this innocent cat-should be found and prosecuted for murder
    People that do this cowardly – torture – murder of innocent animals should be shot and killed!!

  3. Animal abusers internationally, must have the mandatory death penalty performed on them. A slow and agonising death for these evil cretins is essential. I am ready, willing and able to help perform this procedure.

  4. Let’s find this person and tie a rope around his/her f*cking neck and leave him/her hanging in a tree – OMG what a pathetic f*cking loser.

  5. Find the cretin that did this. Fine him at least $100,000 and if he does not have the funds, sell off his lowly wares including the double wide trailer. A 30 year sentence for him assuming Dagger fully recovers.

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