Save Sea Cows From Starving to Death

Target: Eric Sutton, Executive Director, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Goal: Protect the dwindling manatee population in Florida.

In the first few months of 2021, 317 manatees have died in Florida. If this continues, nearly 3,000 will die by the end of the year. This is a shocking increase from the six hundred that were lost last year.

While scientists are scrambling to understand this drastic death toll, it is thought that algae blooms are killing sea grass in the water, which is the manatees only source of food. The sea cows are slowly starving to death.

Harmful algae blooms in Florida are a long-standing issue that is mostly attributed to the state and federal governments mismanaging freshwater and riparian areas. Red and blue-green algae have been damaging coastlines and threatening numerous wildlife species for years. Manatees are no exception.

Call on the local government to take drastic, and immediate action to save these resplendent and docile creatures.


Dear Dr. Sutton,

Manatees are a gentle and beautiful animal, and it is tragic to hear of the numerous sea cows that have died in 2021. Over 300 have died in the first 6 weeks of this year, and if left unchecked, this will have a devastating impact on the sea cow population in Florida.

Experts believe the animals are starving. Algae blooms are killing sea grass, which is the manatees’ main source of food.

I urge you to take instant and decisive action to save the manatees in Florida, and protect their threatened habitat.


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  1. Paula Morgan says:

    Florida has no excuse. The algae blooms are killing so many sea creatures and ruining the water as well. This is too high a price to pay simply to condone and pacify industry in Florida. Florida is one of the worst states for this algae and although politicians promise attention to the matter there is, and has been, no follow through. The last administration was opposed to saving any living animal. Today the government of Florida is run mostly on the basic principles, or lack of same, as the last administration. We had 4 years of chaos and it continues. I’s a shame to have these creatures disappear due to runoff and Agri-chemicals which run off into the water and poison it.

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