Ban the Barbaric Practice of Bullfighting

Target: Pedro Sánchez, Prime Minister of Spain

Goal: Save the lives of thousands of innocent bulls from sadistic tradition.

Every year, Spain watches as thousands of bulls are violently slaughtered in a tradition called corrida de toros or la fiesta. Bullfighting already claimed the lives of hundreds of millions of bulls, and the numbers are going up at a rapid pace.

A traditional bullfight begins with the bull entering the arena. Picadors, men on horseback, move in on the animal and drive lances into his back and neck muscles. Because of this malicious attack the bull is unable to lift his head and defend himself. Through twisting and gouging the picadors ensure significant blood loss that weakens the bull. The debilitated animal is then distracted by banderilleros, men on foot, that circle around him while plunging harpoon-like weapons into his back. When the bull is too weak to chase after his attackers, the matador enters the arena. The dying animal endures further torture before the matador kills him with his sword. If the sword is unsuccessful in the killing, it is replaced by a dagger. In case the matador errs this stroke, the bull will be conscious and unable to move when chained by the horns and dragged out of the arena.A happy audience will repulsively honor the matador with trophies, the bull’s ears and tail. After one bull is brutally killed and mutilated, another bull enters the arena to endure the same sadistic abuse.

Most people who witness this ghastly spectacle leave the arena in a traumatized condition, never to return.

Bullfighting should not be part of Spain’s modern society, and needs to be outlawed. Sign this petition to bring this gruesome sport to an end, and let bulls live their lives in peace.


Dear Mr. Sánchez,

Every year, Spain celebrates the gruesome death of hundreds of millions of bulls for human entertainment. Not only are the innocent animals brutally harmed during corrida de toros, but also beforehand. Bulls are sadistically debilitated to rig the fight in a matador’s favor. This practice makes the disgusting tradition of bullfighting dishonest. Weakened bulls are forced to fight men that went through years of training, only to face a certain death.

Thousands of spectators gather every year to see la fiesta for their pleasure. But after witnessing the horror that takes place in the arena, more than ninety percent of the disturbed viewers never return.

It is shameful for a country to seek gain through a living beings torture.

You must ban bullfights in all of Spain and end the sadistic treatment of bulls. Leave these beautiful animals live their lives in peace without fear of men.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Janet Garraghan says:

    This is nothing but barbaric! What backward degenerates! an utter abomination this is allowed to continue! The authorities need to stop being cowards and end this torture! No sane person could think this is acceptable!

  2. This is just plain barbaric and disgusting. It’s a horrific unnecessary display of indecent cruelty to animals. This is the 21st century and it’s long past time for this disgusting display of cruelty to STOP.
    Mary Helen Barletti RN CCRN (EMERITUS),AAS, BA, BSN, MA,MSN

  3. Stop this bloody cruel and barbaric abuse

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