Don’t Celebrate Sport That Exploits Animals for Entertainment

Target: Nathan Cooper, Legislative Assembly of Alberta, Speaker

Goal: Do not make rodeo the official sport of Alberta

The rodeo has historic roots, honoring the early ranchers who drove their cattle across the prairie grasslands. But this outdated way of life should not be used as a pretext to put animals through rigorous abuse for human entertainment and profit. Since the 1980s, over one hundred horses have been killed in the Calgary Stampede alone. Not to mention the stress and torture many of the animals go through to make the shows more “entertaining.”

A shameful bill is before the Legislative Assembly to make rodeo the official sport of Alberta.

There are hundreds of rodeos taking place each year across the province, and countless animals are exploited in these events. The rodeo is one small aspect of rural Alberta, and it is shameful to present this vicious pastime as the province’s official sport.

Alberta, and its people, are about much more than the rodeo. Sign this petition to stop this bill from moving forward.


Dear Honourable Cooper,

Of all the sport in Canada, rodeo is perhaps the most controversial. The millions of dollars brought into the province each year by the rodeo is carried on the backs of stressed and abused animals. Private member’s Bill 212 would make this cruel sport the official face of the province, and would show the world that Alberta stands for violence and animal cruelty.

While the rodeo attempts to honor the early ranchers of the prairies, the exploitation of animals needs to become a thing of the past.

I urge you to stop Bill 212. Do not make rodeo the official sport of Alberta.


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  1. Gloria Navan says:

    Not a sport … these animals are tortured on a daily basis.

  2. Jon Lenchner says:

    Animals are not on this earth for our mindless amusement and exploitation. End all Abuse and Cruelty, NOW!

  3. Paula Morgan says:

    This may have been considered sport in the yesterdays of our country. Today we have computers, TV, video games, etc. Yet people feel they must be barbaric and do harm to animals, even cause their death, for entertainment. Should the animals be greatly harmed then we just shoot them. Job done. There is more than enough entertainment that this form should be closed down. Like bullfighting, this is the time to end this abuse. Why? We are more intelligent and we have made vast amounts of entertainment. Hurting animals in this manner is simply abuse. It needs to stop.

  4. Animal abusers internationally must be put to death and nothing less!

  5. How is hurting animals amusing? It makes me cry

  6. Not a single person on here has ever been to a rodeo but sure seems to know all about it!

    Useless city people that all of us farmers have to feed. just fuck off.

    GO GET LAID INSTEAD!The very cruellest forms of animal abuse for entertainment and we, like many of our supporters, are appalled it still goes on, barbaric and has no place in a modern society-I am one of the millions of people around the world who consider THIS to be a violent and cruel “sport” that ought to be illegal!!!!

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