Stop Burmese Python Hunting

Target: Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission,

Goal: End Burmese python hunting in Florida

The Burmese python is a native to Southeast Asia but somehow, through the pet trade, the species found its way to Florida. The snakes are now listed as a threatened species because of increased killings. Although they are not native to the United States, it is inhumane to kill the snakes just because they don’t belong here. Instead of killing them, we must act to relocate them and preserve their species.

Snakes are not the type of species that people typically feel sympathy for. They can be dangerous and destructive to ecosystems, but that isn’t an excuse to ignore their sentient rights and kill them. Many of the few people who keep them as pets soon come to realize that they are too much work and they simply discard them in Florida’s outdoors. Because of this, Florida has recently been holding “snake hunts” in which the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission allows the public to capture and kill as many snakes that they can. This is telling the public that the species doesn’t matter and that killing animals is okay if they are a nuisance.

A species that is already listed as threatened shouldn’t be hunted as a competition or sport. Those that are capturing the snakes could easily hand them over to people who can care for them or relocate them to a proper sanctuary. Sign the petition below to end the senseless killing of the threatened Burmese python.


Dear Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission,

Burmese pythons are now listed as a threatened species because of increased hunting. It may seem like the best solution for your area is to kill all of these snakes, but that will only cause them to become extinct. Instead of killing them, we can act to find better places for them to live where they aren’t ruining ecosystems or becoming a problem for their neighbors.

Encouraging people to capture and kill the snakes is inhumane. Regardless of how they are killed, it is cruel to kill them just because they are a nuisance. They didn’t come to this country on their own; they were brought here. We can’t blame them for the problems they cause–we can only find a logical and humane solution.

Please put a stop to your python hunting and stop encouraging people to kill the snakes. They can easily be captured and transported to other facilities where they are wanted and not seen as a nuisance. The humane thing to do is spare them their lives since they are already a facing endangerment.


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  1. Cruelty and atrocity apply to all species.

  2. These pythons are an invasive species. Snakes are very successful predators, and they do great damage as invasive species. THEY SHOULD BE ELIMINATED IN AMERICA, AND I HOPE THEY ARE! The fact that humans are to blame for their presence there is bad, but it doesn’t change the facts. They shouldn’t be there, and they must all be removed!

  3. The truth is that this species is foreign to America, and will harm its native wildlife. THERE SHOULD BE A PETITION TO HAVE THEM ALL DESTROYED, TO SAVE THE NATIVE WILDLIFE! I am disgusted by the stupidity of some people who clearly do not use reason before acting upon the lives of others! What do you think these creatures will eat? Vegeburgers?! They’ll eat the native wildlife, and thus disrupt its foodchain!

  4. Aidan Falces says:

    We humans are the problem. Even though the Burmese Python “invaded” Florida, the species of snake were here first. We moved in their homes. We threatened snakes and extinguished some species. That extinguished species is no longer available to see, it might have been a beutiful snake! I myself have a super tiger reticulated Python 4-5 meters long and I’ve heard people whispering: this snake needs to be exterminated. I feel compassion for snakes because the are a beauty of nature and hunt other animals to live their lives. Please, save the snakes in Florida, and stop the Burmese Python hunting, because that way they will become extinct, and the beautiful snakes would never be seen again. Stop killing Burmese pythons!

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