Stop Killing and Torturing Hens for Their Eggs

Target: The Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Goal: Protect chickens from human exploitation for eggs.

With a rising human population the egg production surges, killing and torturing more than twelve billion chickens per year to meet the demand for eggs.

People pathetically excuse the consumption of eggs with the fact that humans have been eating them for more than six million years. And while humans pride themselves on their intellect, they do not realize that egg consumption is primitive behavior in our modern days. As a convenience item or health food, eggs can easily be replaced by plant-based foods that offer similar or more nutrients. Basic human practices like cooking and baking do not require the completely unnecessary use of eggs. Raw eggs present a danger of salmonella contamination, whereas responsibly farmed plant foods do not cause harm when eaten raw.

The egg industry is the most ruthless food industry, and watches millions of animals die every day.

Chickens’ wild relatives, the Red Junglefowl, lay naturally only 10-15 eggs a year. Domesticated hens, however, are purposely bred to lay 5-6 eggs per week to maximize profit. Confined in tiny wire cages, a hen endures 34 hours of unimaginable cruelty for one egg.

Before hens start their lives in the torture chambers, their highly sensitive beaks are barbarically mutilated without the use of painkillers. Their brothers are worthless for the egg industry and disposed of as waste products, ground up alive or suffocated.

To save space, the hens are carelessly packed in wire cages that are the size of a standard piece of printer paper. These cages are stacked on top of one another, forcing the hens living in the bottom cages to live in the other chickens’ feces. Dead hens are left to rot with the living birds.

After about eighteen months of horrendous exploitation, the survivors of the egg industry are taken over by the meat industry. Hens face countless hours of abuse for eggs, only to be killed for meat.

The professor of neuroscience and animal behavioral at University of New England in Australia, Lesley Rogers, states: “With increased knowledge of the behavior and cognitive abilities of the chicken has come the realization that the chicken is not an inferior species to be treated […] as a food source.”

The horrendous exploitation of laying hens must stop. Sign this petition to ban egg sale for human consumption.


Dear Honourable Mrs. Bibeau

The demand for meat and eggs makes chickens the most abused animal on the planet. Although the demand for plant-based foods is steadily increasing, the torture of billions of animals continues.

Six billion laying hens are brutally mutilated, abused, confined in the most awful conditions, and horrifically killed to maximize peoples’ gain. Additionally, a similar amount of day-old cockerels are ground up alive and suffocated, simply because they are of no value for the egg industry.

A chicken’s life is worth more than a human’s unnecessary need for eggs. In laboratory tests, chickens have been observed to display complex behavior, social attachments, strong personalities, and impressive cognitive skills. The complexities of their behavior and psychology shows that chickens are cognizant of experiencing both a positive and a negative quality of life. People’s lack of understanding has led us to ignore their suffering as they are exploited for meat and eggs.

In the 21st century, eggs are obsolete and need to be replaced with ethical, plant-based foods. No animal should languish for human profit. Prohibit the sale of eggs for human consumption.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Roee Shpernik



  1. Stop killing animals for their body parts or unborn children!!!Disgusting!GO VEGAN- SAVE LIVES!!!

  2. Paula Morgan says:

    We simply have too many people in this world. The earth can not sustain us.
    Yet we who are here demand we eat meat, eggs, dairy, and anything that won’t eat us first. Logic must enter into the equation of how many lives can earth and nature sustain. Hens used to be on the farm before it became business. Now it’s an industry. Each of us feel we, and our actions, won’t count but each one of us counts. The world needs to have meatless days per week which includes eggs and dairy. We humans are selfish. We want what we want and when we want it. Nature needs more time and patience. The life of any animal bred for human consumption is shot and horrible. Let’s change it a little so we give nature a fighting chance. The whole world wants money. There is dark money in governments yet who will be here to spend it if we stupidly end up killing ourselves by killing our environment. Without earth, we don’t live!

  3. Become vegetarian or vegan. Animals have the right to live.

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