Ban Toxic Herbicide That Kills Environment

Target: The Honorable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change

Goal: Protect the environment and people’s health from poisonous herbicide.

Synthetic herbicides are one of the reasons why our health and environment is destroyed, and Roundup is no exception. The harmful substance glyphosate is used to eliminate weeds and grasses. It manages how plants grow, prepares crops for harvest, and ripens fruit. Although news spread that this herbicide causes serious health issues, its production continues.

Roundup is used on a daily basis, exposing people and the environment to its dangerous properties. Children are at high risk of Roundup exposure in playgrounds and parks, not knowing that their innocent play can have harmful consequences. Glyphosate is linked to health issues like nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and in extreme cases death. The use of roundup in agricultural fields puts people and livestock alike at risk of liver and kidney damage, as well as fertility issues.

The use of toxic herbicides destroys the environment, and has an especially dramatic impact on waters. Glyphosate endangers the plant diversity and the lives of animals that inhabit areas around rivers, lakes, and streams. It has been observed that aquatic animals develop changes in their behavior that eliminates their natural distinction of danger after glyphosate exposure.

It is shameful for Canada to still allow the use of an herbicide that is already banned in most of the world. Demand a permanent ban on this substance and replace it with environmentally friendly alternatives that are already available at low cost.


Dear Honorable Jonathan Wilkinson,

Our environment suffers daily because of human impact. Despite our efforts to rectify our mistakes that destroy our planet, we still use harmful substances like Roundup. The working ingredient glyphosate that is found in the product causes severe health issues, but its production is not stopped.

The daily use of Roundup exposes hundreds of children in playgrounds and parks to its toxic properties. Is the health of our future leaders worth less than the cosmetic care of our lawns and gardens? Children and adults alike are at risk of nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, liver and kidney damage, fertility issues and even death.

Rivers, streams, lakes, and tap water are contaminated in areas where fields are sprayed with glyphosate. This contamination destroys the ecosystem, while reducing plant and animal diversity. Animals that live in affected waters develop changes in their behavior; changes that can have dramatic consequences for their species.

The use of glyphosate is banned in many countries, while Canada still knowingly poisons its population with this product. I urge you to ban Roundup, and instead use environmentally friendly herbicides that are already available.


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  1. Paula Morgan says:

    The continued use by governments is killing people, animals, wildlife, polluting water and ocean. In the strongest terms, YOU ARE KILLING THE EARTH! We sim[ly must stop. How ignorant to think that money today will allow you to spend it tomorrow. Industry is stupid as they, you , and all of us are gong to die. The woods art is we are killing all future generations. What type of intelligence is this? There are no excuses. The toxins must go and we will find alternative products. Sometimes I feel as if I am talking to a wall. Does anyone care?

  2. Gloria Navan says:

    This method is ridiculous…it kills everything.

  3. The Honorable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change
    Protect the environment and people’s health from poisonous herbicide.This method is ridiculous…it kills everything.

  4. Paula Morgan says:

    Here we are again. Countries, including us, are allowing herbicides to be used when we may not need them and certainly not in the amounts pushed by companies to increase their ever important bottom line. I may be crazy but the world looks totally insane to me. In this time of fighting for the very existence of the earth itself, countries still allow single use plastics, pesticides, weed killers, and herbicides plus so much more to contaminate our land, poison our water, kill wildlife, and for what? Money! Who will be around to spend the money? These CEO’s are human and they think they can escape the calamity? How stupid can we be?

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