Stop Forcing Animals to Live in Plastic Prisons

Target: Dr. Christopher Kennedy, Chair of the Canadian Council on Animal Care Board of Directors

Goal: Protect rodents from deadly plastic in their enclosures.

Guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, gerbils, and other rodents are popular pets that are supposedly easy to keep. Available accessories and cages are designed to attract pet parents with bright colors, cute designs and lots of fancy paraphernalia. What most of these items have in common is that they are made out of plastic which turns these adorable cages into deadly traps.

Gnawing on plastic can lead to a gruesome death for your beloved pet, as the ingested plastic severs sensitive tissue in the animal’s gut. Slipping on the smooth surfaces leads to fatal injuries or kills them immediately. Most plastic accessories are very hard to clean, leaving wet debris to grow bacteria. The pets, unable to escape their fate, find a horrible end through severe sickness. Plastic tunnels make it impossible for the animals to obtain a sufficient amount of oxygen, suffocating them in their sleep. Even for transport purposes plastic has to be avoided, as it only takes seconds for an animal to be killed by this vile material. Once a pet succumbs, the cages are carelessly thrown away, left undisturbed to poison our environment.

Plastic needs to be replaced by safe materials such as cork, wood, and stainless steel. Sign this petition to save animals from a cruel death through the wicked properties of plastic.


Dear Dr. Kennedy,

Thousands of innocent animals are forced to live in plastic cages that become their tombs. Plastic accessories are death traps that cause severe illness, break animal’s limbs, and damage essential organs. Claustrophobic tunnels don’t allow pets to get enough oxygen, killing them unknowingly in their sleep. How is it possible that people all over the world try to reduce their plastic waste while pet stores are filled with a disturbing amount of this material?

Not only are animals the victims of the overuse of this repulsive material, but also our environment. Plastic cages that are of no use for the consumer are neglectfully thrown away, polluting our already suffering planet.

Plastic has no place in animal enclosures and should cease to be used. I urge you to ban its use in pet cages, and replace it with safe materials such as cork, stainless steel, and wood.


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Photo Credit: Keren Tan


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  1. Paula Morgan says:

    I had no idea the plastic homes created for these smaller pets could and do so much harm, even death. This situation needs to be corrected, now! People buy these homes for their pets and then find the home kills the pet? This is again another problem which the people caring for their pets must face. Yet, the plastic companies and the sellers of these cages get off Scott free? I say no! Maybe law suits can be started, a group of law suits. Any company producing such crates and retail stores selling such crates to the public need to be held accountable. Life is precious.

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