Stop the War on Drugs

Target: Joe Biden, President of the United States

Goal: Federally legalize entheogens and put an end to the war on drugs. 

The war on drugs of the late 1960s was a political tool designed to target black Americans and people protesting the Vietnam War, according to a statement by former President Richard Nixon’s aide John Ehrlichman. To this day, this war continues to serve its intended purpose. It has long acted as a vehicle for oppression and provided grounds for a multitude of civil rights violations. Millions of Americans’ lives have been invaded and brutalized by the goals established by the Nixon administration. 

Only in recent years has cannabis started to become an accessible medicinal agent in some parts of the country. It took decades for this to happen and extensive research to highlight the benefits. Now, entheogens are struggling to break through the criminal associations tied to them to offer a plethora of suppressed potential. In particular, psychedelics have proven to aid in the treatment of PTSD, major depressive disorder, and various other mental health challenges that millions of people are faced with. 

The use of psychedelics has occurred in spiritual and medicinal contexts for thousands of years all over the world. By preventing the use of this potent natural resource, the law is interfering with a practice that has acted as a conductor of psychic healing and insight that is integral to humanity’s heritage and ancestral connection. All in the name of upholding a precedent that was an open oppressive attack on black Americans and people who stood up against a political war. It is time to face history and tend to the wounds of our past. Demand legalization of entheogens and an end to the war on drugs. 


Dear President Biden, 

It is not a secret that the war on drugs was never about drugs. It has always been about oppressing black Americans and disrupting communities that protested the Vietnam War. It was a political power play and still is. Rather than carry on with President Nixon’s plan for oppression, it is time to make amends and put a stop to this injustice. 

Slowly but surely cannabis has been recognized as a valuable natural resource with healing properties. Much like cannabis, entheogens have long been used by humankind to heal and nourish the psyche. By preventing legal access and use of this incredible resource, the law is interfering with ancestral knowledge by disrupting a sacred practice and providing misinformation to the American people regarding the potential applications and benefits of psychedelics. I demand that you federally legalize entheogens and put an end to the war on drugs. 


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  1. Rose Riker says:

    Are you kidding? Biden still thinks, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that cannabis is a gateway drug. He’s certainly not going to go for the legalization of psychedelic drugs!

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