Don’t Import Palm Oil Produced by Forced Labor

Target: Troy Miller, Senior Deputy Performing Duties of the Commissioner

Goal: Block palm oil imports produced by forced labor.

Palm Oil company FGV has allegedly violated human rights by utilizing forced labor in their supply chains. The initial ban was the result of a year-long investigation. Accusations have been made that FGV is guilty of abusing vulnerable workers with threats, violence, sexual harassment, and potentially even child abuse. 

Specifics have not been made available; however, it is critical that the U.S. ensure that it does not support or condone any human rights violations. Palm oil production also plays a major role in deforestation and must be held accountable for all of the harm the industry has inflicted. Take a stand against these atrocities and demand a ban on imports from FGV. 


Dear Mr. Miller, 

Considering the horrific allegations made against the palm oil producer FGV, it is urgent that imports from them are banned and that their labor practices be subject to further investigation. Forced labor, or any human rights violation for that matter, must not be tolerated.

In addition to the devastation inflicted on laborers, the environmental impact of the palm oil industry must be brought to light and held to standards that are in line with meeting climate goals. Without considerable and transparent resolve for these alarming issues, the U.S. must not allow FGV products to cross the border. I demand that you ban imports from FGV and take a stand against forced labor and ecocide. 


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  1. Thanks for updating the news.

  2. Paula Morgan says:

    Actually, we need to stop the massive buying and selling of palm oil as it s killing animals , destroying habitats, and killing the rain forests. Countries are burning the rainforests to use land for cattle and for palm oil. We need to stop with so many snacks which all seem to contain palm oil. It once was a cheap product but now it may cost us our earth.

  3. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    STOP BUYING PRODUCTS THAT CONTAIN PALM OIL. READ LABELS. The production of palm oil is destroying some of the most vital remaining rainforests on earth, and further endangering the animals that live within them, some found nowhere else on earth.

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