End the Escalation of Violence in the Middle East

Target: Joe Biden, President of the United States

Goal: De-escalate conflict in the Middle East.

Without congressional authorization, President Joe Biden launched an airstrike on Syria. While Biden claims that the attack was a necessary defensive action intended to send a message, the militia targeted poses no threat to the United States. The bombing was not only unlawful but, according to a member of Russia’s federation council, it could lead to a massive conflict between the two nations. 

Not only have politicians in other nations spoken out against these actions, but representatives in Congress have also spoken out against Biden’s decision. Many state that it was unconstitutional to take offensive military action without congressional authorization. 

What is most concerning is that this could gravely compromise attempts at re-establishing the Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPOA) and pose a serious risk for escalating conflict in the Middle East. Syria has stated that the strike will lead to consequences. Meanwhile, the American people are petitioning for peace in the Middle East, urging representatives to disengage from further conflict and move forward with diplomacy. Tell Biden to stop bombing Syria and recommit to the JCPOA. 


Dear President Biden, 

It was most disappointing to learn about the airstrike on Syria that you conducted. Whatever message you were trying to send to Iran cost you the trust of many of your constituents. The attack went against the will for peace in the Middle East by escalating the current conflicts. It will undoubtedly complicate future efforts to reinstate the JCPOA, which is a real initiative that could serve in protecting the American people. 

Worst of all, you put so much at risk without congressional authorization. This, you must realize, raises deep concerns as to whether or not you will follow in the steps of your predecessor by abusing liberties that exist only for emergencies. Stop bombing Syria and recommit to the JCPOA. 


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Photo credit: Mil.ru

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