Save Hippopotami From Gruesome Slaughter

Target: Carlos Eduardo Correa Escaf, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development Colombia

Goal: Protect hippopotami from wrongful death through brutal culling.

Dozens of hippopotami are forced to live in an unnatural habitat, and are now the targets of scientists’ call for eradication. It is claimed that other means to reduce the population are too expensive, and difficult. The animals suffer dreadfully because of people’s indifference.

In the early 80’s Pablo Escobar imported four hippos to his private zoo in Colombia. After Escobar’s death the hippopotami remained in Colombia and reproduced at a high rate. Today there are nearly one hundred hippopotami residing in Colombia with fatal predictions for their future.

The presence of hippos in Colombian waters has a positive influence on the water quality. Fish kills and pulses from hippos increase the nutrients and species diversity. They also create new habitats for a variety of animals within the rivers. The hippopotami even benefit animals that are living on land by providing new and alternative food sources. The government’s decision to viciously cull them provoked a public outcry, and the issue was paused. Now however, scientists say that the horrible mass extermination should go ahead.

The hippopotami in Colombia need to be protected from an unjust death and the senseless mistake of introducing a new species to an alien country must be corrected. Efforts to sterilize the animals were carelessly abandoned but must be revived as an ethical way to allow them to live out their lives peacefully.

Sign below to take action against the wrongdoing of man and save the innocent lives of Colombia’s hippos.


Dear Carlos Eduardo Correa Escaf,

The hippopotami residing in Colombia are not to blame for their presence in your country. It is unjust to call for the death of these innocent animals, only to reduce the cost of more ethical means.

Scientists found out that the presence of hippos benefits the water quality. Furthermore, they increase the nutrients and the variety of species in rivers, and supply land animals with new sources of food. Despite all these facts, the call for slaughter has been renewed.

Exterminating the hippos is not the right solution, and alternative ways to decrease the population have to be introduced. The hippopotami should be given the chance to live out their lives in a peaceful manner, to rectify their introduction to a foreign country.

Do not allow the slaughter of Colombia’s hippos. Introduce alternative ways to ethically reduce the population and correct people’s error.


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Photo Credit: belgianchocolate


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  1. Paula Morgan says:

    So the Hippos are in the way? Just like humans, we kill them. It’s the wrong solution. There were steps which could have, and should have, been taken long before It became the way it is now. People are lazy and don’t want to bother until animals get in our way. Then it’s time to die for the animals. There are other and better options. Why not try them first? Your life is precious, so is theirs!

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