Stop Logging Wildlife Habitats to Fund Children’s Education

Target : Washington Commissioner of Public Lands, Hilary Franz

Goal: Stop relying on timber sales for state revenue. 

Several counties in western Washington state rely on revenue from timber sales to fund their schools, fire departments and libraries. The irony is that the very forests that are being clear cut play an important role in mitigating the climate and ecological crisis. They provide wildlife habitats, act as carbon sinks, and reduce risk of landslides. Old growth is also less susceptible to wildfires. Healthy and vibrant forests are necessary for children to have any future at all. Clearcutting them in the name of education is by no means sustainable or logical.

The current system is a losing battle of trying to meet revenue goals by means of ecocide or attempting to meet climate goals via drastic budget cuts. It must be updated to reflect the current needs of local communities and the demands of a rapidly changing climate. Sign below and demand that Washington state find an alternative means of financing the counties that have previously relied on said revenue.


Dear Ms. Franz, 

The lawsuits that the WA-DNR is currently facing are symptomatic of a greater issue. It is no longer responsible to go on managing the land with revenue as the guiding force. The climate and ecological crisis demands a radical shift. Clearcutting forests to educate children is a tragedy, because timber sale is gambling those very children’s chance of having a future. It is time to consider the broader picture. Life itself must come first, and every decision has to work around what is necessary to preserve life. 

Healthy forests are critical in mitigating this crisis. They provide habitats, carbon sinks and combat climate change in ways that no technology ever will be capable of. It is time to revisit how Washington regards and manages the forests. It is time to stop ravaging the land for resources until it has nothing left. I demand that you find a new means of revenue, one that is sustainable and that allows children to have a future.


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  1. Paula Morgan says:

    I want to be respectful but I think it is stupid to log forests to serve children’s education. We are all interconnected, all life is interconnected. If wildlife is driven to extinction then so are humans. Didn’t anyone learn that in science class? We are in Climate Change and we need trees, clean water, clean air, clear oceans, land, and most of all nature! We must have bees, bats, and birds for pollination. Yet ignorance is more plentiful than intelligence. Humans look at the monetary gain but what about the continuation of humans, of all life? The earth supports life. We are being selfish not to participate in fighting climate change and this excuse for education is stunning. We won’t have children without the earth. Let’s remember that fact first and go from there. We are all must drastically change or the earth will die and us along with it. No one can hope to graduate without knowing this one fact! This is not a pop quiz!

  2. Back off and leave the forests alone!

  3. We’ve already suffered the deadly and destructive effects of excessive deforestation! This is not only heaping insult upon injury, it demonstrates further the criminal apathy of those not willing to listen and learn from the vast majority suffering from the effects of ecological crimes! Touch one more threatened forest acre, and you will face consequences the likes of which you can’t possibly imagine! You’ve been warned!

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