Denounce Ted Cruz for Abandoning Dog in Freezing Texas Storm

Target: Ted Cruz, U.S. Senator

Goal: Take responsibility for leaving pet dog alone at freezing house in midst of winter storm.

When Senator Ted Cruz fled the freezing hell his constituents were enduring, he claimed he was only being “a good dad.” He defended against the outcry by casting himself as a selfless caretaker. Why, then, did this supposedly compassionate and warm-hearted man coldly abandon one of his defenseless “children”?

Senator Cruz and his family escaped to the heat and luxury of tropical destination Cancun in the early days of the winter storms that ravaged Texas. One member of the family was left behind, however: a small rescue dog named Snowflake. Images emerged of the canine barking and staring out the window of the dark, undeniably freezing house while his caretakers vacationed in Mexico.

Although the senator returned a day or so after he left because of the public outrage, records indicate that he initially planned to spend nearly a week away from home. Much like communities across the state, Snowflake would have been left to fend for himself for days in subzero temperatures. Although a Cruz spokesperson claimed a dog-sitter looked after the animal, other reports indicate a security guard parked outside in the frigid cold was Snowflake’s only so-called guardian.

Sign the petition below to demand Senator Cruz answer for his alleged callous cruelty.


Dear Senator Cruz,

Are you familiar with Texas Penal Code 42.092, Senator? If not, let’s elaborate. This statute deals with Cruelty to Non-Livestock Animals. Specifically of interest are the following sections: “failure to provide reasonable care to an animal in the person’s custody”; “unreasonably abandons an animal in the person’s custody”; “transports or confines the animal in a cruel manner.” How does it feel to be in likely violation of state criminal law?

When you jetted off to Cancun, you did not just fiddle while Texas froze and abandon the millions of Texans who were depending on you for leadership. You also cast away the dog you once rescued and left him vulnerable to an environment you described as “freezing,” with no means for physical or emotional warmth. This animal depends on you and trusts you for everything. In many respects, Snowflake is your child. Were you being “a good Dad” by letting him suffer, or die, cold and alone?

You must own up to your actions. Stop with the excuses. Apologize and take real, meaningful steps toward safeguarding all living beings in Texas. If you cannot provide the love and care Snowflake deserves, then—much like your leadership role for Texas communities—leave him in the hands of someone who can do better.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Naomimonster


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  1. Animal abusing scumbags require instigation of the death penalty and nothing less!

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