Wisconsin: Stop Taxing Periods

Target: Tony Evers, Governor of Wisconsin

Goal: Eliminate the sales tax on menstrual products.

Wisconsin is yet another state that has a tax on menstrual products. Gun club memberships, on the other hand, are not taxed. While it is difficult to understand how said memberships are considered essential, it is pretty obvious that menstrual products are essential. Menstruating individuals need them to go to work and to stay in school. They are critical to prevent infections and disease. Why are women and other menstruating individuals being taxed for their biological cycle? That’s the question that remains to be answered. 

Is it an explicit act of discrimination? Or has it simply never occurred to anyone that menstruating subjects individuals to inequitable financial strain? This creates additional hardship for menstruating individuals and is disruptive to their lives. For those relying on subsidy programs, this prevents them access to these incredibly essential items. It is time to call upon government officials and draw some attention to this possibly overlooked, yet extremely harmful, discrimination. Sign the petition below to demand that Wisconsin stop taxing periods. 


Dear Governor Evers,

I am writing in regards to the sales tax that is currently applied to menstrual products in Wisconsin. Seeing as half the population requires said items to carry out their daily lives, it is extremely inequitable to apply a luxury tax to them. 

Need I explain that menstruation happens every month? That the cost of tampons, pads, or various other options adds up and already is an expense that non-menstruating persons are spared. To inflate that expense by taxing menstruating individuals exclusively is discriminatory. The tax on period products is unconstitutional. I demand that you stop taxing menstrual products and recognize them as essential items. 


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