Don’t Ban Anti-Bias Training While Protecting Hate Speech

Target: Jack Whitver, Senate Majority Leader, Iowa

Goal: Don’t protect hate speech while banning anti-bias training under the guise of “diversity.”

A Republican-controlled Senate in Iowa is attempting to ban anti-bias training and protect hate speech under the guise of “diversity.” The legislators proposing State Senate Bill 1205 claim that anti-bias training creates “group think” and eliminates “diversity of thought,” while banning “unwelcome, disagreeable, or even offensive” speech is against the First Amendment.

At one time, these ludicrous claims may have been laughable; however, the rise in hate speech and white supremacy during the Trump Administration has shown just how dangerous such a law can be. In fact, the Trump Administration proposed a similar federal law. Should it pass in Iowa, the LGBTQ community, women, people of color, and other minority groups will find themselves the subject of discrimination and abuse.

A law banned by federal courts, as the Trump Administration’s was, should not be allowed to move forward in the state. Sign the petition to demand that this new, dangerous law be rejected and minority groups in Iowa be protected from hate speech and abuse.


Dear Senator Whitver,

State Senate Bill 1205 will harm millions of your constituents: women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community included. Diversity and anti-bias training are not intended to encourage “group think,” but promote kindness, thoughtfulness, and respect amongst all people regardless of race, economic status, gender, or ethnicity.

Federal courts have already ruled against similar legislation when the Trump Administration proposed it. Undoubtedly, courts in your state will do the same. The only thing this legislation is doing is throwing a dog bone to white supremacist hate groups, which will stoke the very violence, animosity, and inequality you claim you are trying to fight back against. I demand you reject State Senate Bill 1205.


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