Provide Communities Battered by Punishing Winter Weather With Sustainable Power

Target: Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas

Goal: Prevent another catastrophic power grid failure and humanitarian crisis by implementing essential reforms.

Dozens of human beings died. Many were forced to scavenge in freezing cold temperatures for basic necessities. Even in the aftermath of the Texas ice storms and subsequent power grid failures, the lasting damage will continue. Electricity bills may skyrocket by thousands of dollars per household. The most disturbing effect is that without long-overdue reforms, it could all happen again.

The state of Texas prided itself on energy independence, with a power grid set-up separate from the major systems that cover the rest of the United States. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas powers 90 percent of the Lone Star State, enabling it to escape the regulations and safeguards that keep the nation’s federal power grids up and running. When record-setting freezes descended over the state, soaring demand for heat and electricity broke the grossly under-equipped grid. Millions were plunged into days of frigid darkness. Clean water supplies also greatly suffered.

Officials have said that the already-massive crisis could have been even worse, with “catastrophic failure” just “minutes away.” Because of Texas’ supposed energy independence, large swaths of it could not engage in the power-sharing that helps other states hit by similar troubles through trying natural disasters. The governor, meanwhile, is busy blaming windmills instead of taking responsibility and assuming the leadership role desperately needed.

Sign the petition below to demand this supposed leader work for a system that all Texans can rely on during difficult times.


Dear Governor Abbott,

You want to finger-point and blame renewable energy for a crisis that was literally decades in the making. Leaving aside that non-renewable energy sources like gas lines and coal plants failed, let’s focus on the more immediate problem: the near-catastrophic failure of Texas’ independent power grid. Because of this push for deregulation and minimal oversight, millions of Texans have endured one of the worst weeks of their lives. Some families have lost so much more.

These ordinary citizens cannot afford pricey trips to tropical getaways, nor do they have the luxury of laying blame at the feet of everyone but themselves. They need leaders who will advocate for their best interests. Your first and most urgent priority should be a widespread reform of the power grid system. It is no coincidence that the regions of the state not at the mercy of your state’s power grid largely avoided the worst effects of winter storms.

Join with the rest of the nation and allow other states to truly unite behind you and provide the support communities crave. Stop leaving your constituents out in the cold, and let one tragic lesson be enough. The next time, the consequences could prove far worse.


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Photo Credit: Ed Yourdon

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  1. This really saddens me to see families with children elderly people to sable people military people who have served our country well out on the street like this with no resources to really help them and our government has so much money because God made us the superpower country.
    And, the politicians the Republicans are government they delight in their wicked and scheming ways and in their own abominations are a disgrace to our heavenly Father. It may seem like the wicked get ahead but in the end they will never be victorious apparently, they don’t do their Bible study because they failed to learn the lesson of the story from Lazarus and the rich man.
    Our country is falling into tyranny and that will lead us into the one world system and thank God that will be the sign that Jesus will be back soon and all of this evil will finally be over with for good.

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