Popular Webcam Breeder Accused of Selling Sick Kittens Must be Investigated

Target: Tom Vilsack, Nominee for Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Goal: Investigate kitten breeders who reportedly run an unlicensed operation that exploits sick and dying animals.

The allure of watching adorable kittens in their element has inspired commercials, TV shows, and even popular pre-Super Bowl programming. However, a dark story may be unfolding behind the scenes of one such attraction. The Adorable Stars kitten cam – a live-streaming feed of kittens that boasts over 70,000 subscribers – is run by Florida-based animal breeders accused of abuse.

Many of the kittens from this supposed “luxury” breeder allegedly have serious health issues due to neglect. In particular, the kittens are reportedly disease and parasite-ridden. Multiple poor animals apparently died in the immediate days following the journey to their forever homes. The Animal Legal Defense Fund, an organization dedicated to protecting animals through the court system, is handling three lawsuits against Adorable Stars. They are urging the administrators of the U.S. Animal Welfare Act, the Department of Agriculture, to open a full and thorough investigation into this potentially unlicensed and abusive breeder.

Sign the petition below to echo this urgent call to action.


Dear Mr. Vilsack,

“The Animal Legal Defense Fund is urging the USDA to investigate the facility and take urgently needed action to protect cats, kittens, and potential buyers from further harm.” This message from the nation’s foremost animal law advocate involves the organization Adorable Stars, a breeder of kittens and other young animals. This organization faces allegations from multiple pet buyers that it has neglected the health and well-being of the animals under its care, leading to death in some cases.

As the steward of responsible pet shop licensing and the upholder of the most significant U.S. law regarding animal welfare, you are in the best position to address and remedy this concern. If the organization under scrutiny, which may be unlicensed, is profiting from neglect and cruelty, it must be stopped immediately. Please answer the calls of advocates for a comprehensive investigation into Adorable Stars and its alleged misconduct.


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  1. I’m so fed up with greedy ass humans who don’t give a shit about animals except to make money. PUT anyone who does this in prison. After you take all they own .. sell whatever it may be and donate it to any animal charity

  2. Why do people buy kittens? Go to your shelters and there are the most adorable babies ever. They have all their shots and are wormed before leaving the shelters. There are all kinds of sweet babies at Humane society and Domestic animal control shelters.
    Also Pets mart has baby kittens for adoptions that are fully vetted and they are always available on weekends. Adopt do not shop.

  3. The abuser/killers MUST BE SEVERELY PUNISHED…like solitary for the rest of their lives….They don’t change – they are a menace to animals and humans alike. IN MY OPINION

  4. PLEASE open a full and thorough investigation into this potentially unlicensed and abusive breeder.
    and they deserve JUSTICE just like YOU and ME!
    THIS shitty business MUST BE SHUT-DOWN!!!
    This breeder must receive the MAXIMUM punishment and be put behind bars FOR LIFE!  SHAME and DISGRACE on this vile monster!

  5. Investigate this HORRIBLE abuser ASAP!!!!

  6. Investigate this HORRIBLE abuser ASAP!!!!
    Punish this HORRIFIC abuse to the FULLEST extent of the Law under The PACT ACT!!!!


  8. Janet Garraghan says:

    I despise selfish, cruel and heartless human beings who couldn’t care less about the suffering of any other living creature! Too many ‘Me, Me, Me’s – it’s all about their rights! Selfish to the core! Don’t give a damn about the world around them! Driven by greed! Despicable, evil monsters! Backward degenerates need to be stopped now! Prosecute them the fullness of the law!

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