Stop Suppressing Climate Activism

Target: Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg

Goal: Cease prosecution of Norwegians peacefully assembling on behalf of climate justice.

Fifty-three climate activists were arrested and charged for peacefully protesting oil and gas extraction in Norway. As the 7th largest exporter of fossil fuels, the country is responsible for 2% of global oil production and 3% of global gas production. 

On the 21st of September, over one hundred protesters occupied the streets in central Oslo and blocked the entrance of the Oil and Gas Ministry. Those that were arrested were detained, fined, and are scheduled to stand trial on March 4th. 

Why these individuals were arrested remains unclear, as the right to peaceful assembly is guaranteed in article 11 of the European Human Rights Convention. Sign the petition below to demand that Norway stop arresting climate activists who are protesting within their legal rights. 


Dear Ms. Solberg,

The climate activists that were arrested peacefully protesting outside the Oil and Gas Ministry in September of 2020 were acting within the law. According to the European Human Rights Convention, the right to peacefully assemble is protected. Considering that Norway’s emissions trajectory is far from on track for meeting climate goals established in the Paris Agreement, the protest for which these individuals were arrested was completely necessary. 

What has become a cause for concern is that those who were doing their due diligence and providing accountability are now facing trial. You should know that there is international support for those who are ensuring their leaders follow through on Paris Agreements. The global community will be watching very closely to see how Norway responds to law-abiding climate activists. I demand that you stop suppressing environmental justice and do your part to meet the climate goals you agreed to. 


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Photo credit: DFID – UK Department for International Development



  1. Elizabeth Story says:

    Very troubling that people exercising their legal rights for a awful protest are being prosecuted.

  2. Elizabeth Story says:

    Oops! I meant lawful not awful

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