Stop Palm Oil Deforestation From Destroying Endangered Lands and Wildlife

Target: Joko Widodo, President of Indonesia

Goal: Promote sustainable palm oil production to protect environment and save endangered species.

Palm oil used in Girl Scout cookies has reportedly been linked to child labor, igniting a protest among troops during cookie season. The concerns of Girl Scouts and other advocates extend far beyond this latest controversy, however. The environmental destruction caused by palm oil production has unfolded for decades.

Palm oil used in food, cleaning and beauty products, and so much more derives from oil palm trees in humid tropical climates. Rampant deforestation of these trees has already cost millions of acres. With this eradication comes a devastating loss of habitat for countless wildlife native to the regions. Orangutans alone have seen 80 percent of their homes demolished, leading to the loss of over 6,000 of the primates in a single year.

Deforestation-free and exploitation-free sustainable palm oil offers a path forward for nations economically dependent on the substance. Sign the petition below to appeal to one of the world’s largest palm oil producers to honor its promised push of sustainable production.


Dear President Widodo,

You have vowed to fight against what you claim is a war on palm oil, but battle is not the answer. Just a few short years ago, Indonesia acknowledged concerns about human rights and environmental abuses in the palm oil supply chain. Moreover, the country claimed it would address these concerns via a commitment to sustainable production. This promise did not seem to be in good faith, as evidenced by your recent statements and by a weakening of production standards.

Indonesia and its workers may be reliant on palm oil, but if you exhaust this product through reckless destruction, your long-term future will become even more uncertain. Sustainable methods do exist that will continue production while protecting millions of precious acres of forest and safeguarding the irreplaceable inhabitants of these habitats. This widely used vegetable oil can still service the world and not destroy that world in the process.

Please recommit to a more sustainable future for the palm oil industry and a secure future for Indonesia’s beautiful natural tapestry.


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  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    STOP DESTROYING Indonesian forests for palm oil plantations NOW! These forests are a vital source of unique nature and plants, support countless animals, many endangered, and are an IRREPLACEABLE RESOURCE.

  2. The best thing all of us can do to stop this deforestation is to say “NO” to products using palm oil. Read the labels. Almost every snack, cookies, candy, crackers, cereal, etc. have palm oil as an ingredient. WE are the ones destroying the forests by purchasing these products containing conflict palm oil. If an ingredient is palm oil, palm fruit, etc, put the item back on the shelf. Let the manufacturers know that you won’t buy their products until they stop using these palm products. The only acceptable palm oil will be marked with the sustainable palm logo. I guarantee that the companies will change their ways if nobody buys their products.

  3. Joko Widodo, President of Indonesia

    Promote sustainable palm oil production to protect environment and save endangered species.

  4. Indonesia needs to modernize and stop destroying their fragile eco-system. They have so many precious and rare animals and wildlife, and they abuse and kill them at a horrific rate. Truly sad.

  5. Palm oil is one of the deadliest products ever conceived! We demand a PERMANENT halt on any and all future operations for expansion of the palm oil industry, along with all other monoculture crops that threaten the remaining rainforests and wildlife! In addition, we also demand you hold the palm oil industry executives accountable, fining them on a vast scale not only for destruction of the ecosystems but also for contributing to climate change and the illegal pet trade responsible for triggering the pandemic! Money from the fines should go to extensive reforestation and expansion of the rainforests and reserves, along with extensive jobs and education necessary to allow the population to rebuild their surrounding environment while providing them with sufficient pay to support themselves without having to sell orphaned animals!

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